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The Lake Project: Calling an Audible – Dex

From the beginning, the plan for my project has been to create a catalog of species that I photograph from around the lake. The idea was simple: take a photo, figure out what species it is, give it a page in the book. However, if things go well, I might be making a bit of a change to the finished product. I might have to call an audible, a term used in football to describe a play a quarterback decides on after everyone is ready to go.

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The Lake Project: Using Lightroom – Dex

When in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for my Senior Project, I learned a lot about how to better use my equipment simply by taking thousands of pictures over the course of two short weeks. However, what I learned the most about was my photo-editing software: Lightroom. For this week’s blog post, I wanted to discuss how incredible and helpful Lightroom is as probably the best tool I currently possess, perhaps even better than my camera.

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The Lake Project: Lowering My Standards

For my senior project, I traveled to Zimbabwe and did wildlife photography in the Zambezi National Park. I worked for an organization called African Impact, who upload the photos to their online database where they are sold to companies or accessed by nonprofits for free. For example, World Wildlife Fund used seven images from the database for last year’s calendar.

While I was there, the standard of my photos had to be extremely high. I was not turning on my camera and taking pictures of everything I saw. Being selective is difficult, and what is even more difficult is finding the best pictures, editing them to make them top quality, and then submitting them to be reviewed for the database. Of the roughly 750 photos I took, less than ten will be placed on the database.

For the past six months, I have been treating my catalog of the species at the lake like African Impact’s database. Every photo I took had to be of top quality for me to want to include it, and this has left me with an underwhelming group of photos to use for the catalog. So, when I came back from the project, it was my resolution to lower my standards a bit to fill out the catalog. Today, I did just that.

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The Lake Project: A Busy 2 Weeks

I have not updated this blog in over two weeks, and in that time, a couple of things have happened. I can break them down into three main parts: 1) My mentor, T. Tim, gave me a lot of interesting information regarding birds around the lake and which ones I should specifically be on the lookout for in my catalog; 2) I met with T. Ted Lutkus who, as one of the previous heads of the science department and a former biology teacher, would take students to the North Woods and analyze one meter “bio-plots,” and; 3) I went down to the lake and had an awesome interaction with a big red-tailed hawk.

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The Lake Project: Semester 2

For those of you who have never read one of my blogs posts before, let me quickly give you a brief description of what the Lake Project is all about. For the past semester (and some months before) I have been photographing and cataloging species around the Westtown Lake. My goal is to be able to present a finished catalog of as many species as I can identify to the archives at the end of the year.

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The Lake Project: Come Prepared-Dex

The last time I went to the lake, I learned an important lesson on the necessity of coming prepared whenever you are trying to take pictures of wildlife. Animals generally don’t want you to be anywhere near them, so, if they see you, you generally only have a few moments to capture an image before they are gone.

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