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Airlines as Cultural Representations

It’s been a long time since my last post…Good to be back here to talk about commercial aviation. I have previously mentioned, in my first blog, that different airlines can be seen as distinct agents that represent the cultures of their home countries. I made this point totally out of my observations. When I boarded my first few flights almost a decade ago, I started to notice different seat decorations of different carriers. It was not until later years that I figured out some meaning out of these ostensible differences. For example, hidden behind the cloud-shaped figures imprinted on seats of Air China is the oriental philosophy that promises happiness and tranquility; ANA’s signature boarding music Another Sky brings a taste of traditional Japanese music, ongaku, to its passengers. Yet as I think about the subject deeper, I have found out that the footprint of an airline’s culture extends far beyond explicit manifestations of national symbols. As you will see in the three case studies below, both the indigenous, regional culture and the internal corporate atmosphere have huge impacts on almost every dimension of an airline’s operation and the product it delivers. The cumulation of every little cultural detail, in turn, shapes the identity of airlines and helps them differentiate from their competitors.


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Stories Behind the Metal Birds – Silver

Hello everyone. It is definitely an exciting time for me to start doing my second semester research on the past events and current developments of commercial aviation. I am a huge fan of commercial aviation since I was little, and I regularly read and write travel blogs and aviation forums to get to know the latest trends or development in this field and to share my thoughts.


Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER with service from Shanghai to Toronto (picture taken by myself)

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Exploring P vs. NP with Julia Child, and How to Win a Million Dollars


I am a horrendous cook- despite classes, Anthony Bourdain’s entire body of work, and repeated attempts at cooking family dinner, I am still banned from cooking at home. However, if Julia Child taught me anything, it’s that following a recipe can get you an (almost) edible meal. In Computer Science we talk about algorithms as our recipe cards, sets of instructions (often equations) that take a bunch of ingredients and give us our meal.

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Second Prep – Grazer


Land of the Sleeping Things by Dan McPharlin

Now that the first (female) set of components have been milled, it’s time to move onto the male components. With that, comes the exact same prep process as last time. Makes for some riveting writing…

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Back at it — Grazer

Aside from my refusal to adopt a consistent naming format for my blog posts, one week it’s Grazer – Ambiguous Title, the other it’s Sorry Excuse — Lukas, my work is beginning to pick up again in a good direction.

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Week 8: Nearing the Finish Line – Will


Welcome to Week Eight. This will be CS50s last week as a traditional course, this Friday I will turn in my last problem set and my assigned coursework will be over. What will follow is four weeks of free time in which I will have to complete my final project. Instead of walking through the last legs of C$50 Finance, which tedium reached nearly funny levels, I figure our time will be better spent looking ahead at the final project.

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Week 7: Finance – Will

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 7.29.39 PM

The past two week’s blogs have taken a step away from my course work; examining both the startup I’m working on (which does have a fancy new website) and some of the greater implications of the work I am doing. As we come close to the end of my work in this course, with only four weeks of lecture to go, I think it is important to return to our focus, the actual core work of the class itself. This week will will be examining Pset 7: CS50 Finance

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