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Second Prep – Grazer


Land of the Sleeping Things by Dan McPharlin

Now that the first (female) set of components have been milled, it’s time to move onto the male components. With that, comes the exact same prep process as last time. Makes for some riveting writing…

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Sharing Knowledge — Grazer

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.00.27 AM

Metal Moose circa 2013

As I warned in some of my earlier blog posts, many of my future writing will become increasingly mundane, as my build process shifts away from trial and error to pure production. Despite this, I had an opportunity to be constructive in a different way this week and give back to my peers. 
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Back at it — Grazer

Aside from my refusal to adopt a consistent naming format for my blog posts, one week it’s Grazer – Ambiguous Title, the other it’s Sorry Excuse — Lukas, my work is beginning to pick up again in a good direction.

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Slow Week — Grazer

This week has ended in little progress, but some important decisions were made. There’s a pivotal time to follow, as my own future and that of the Grazer will soon be decided.

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Red Handed — Grazer — Lukas


This week I tested out what I made, as I’ve started to accept that what seems like it should work in the computer doesn’t always work out in real life. However, the results I got back confirmed what the computer said should happen, so that was a pleasant surprise.

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Taking Form — Lukas


This week has been a week of progress, as components are completed, hardware is acquired, and inspiration is gained.

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The Walk of The Grazer, Chapter 2 — Lukas

Hi, I’m Lukas. This is my second year pursuing this project — a project dedicated to building a type of kinetic sculpture called a strandbeestinvented by Dutch artist Theo Jansen. You have no idea how many times I have written that sentence over the last year. Too many times. I’ve done a lot of thinking about this project, telling my story, how the project bridges multiple disciplines, how it challenged a way of thinking and my work ethic, what it actually means, and my ever troublesome relationship with technology. You can read all about that in my earlier blog posts.

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