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Count 3.0 Release Note – Kevin

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania — January 31, 2018 — Today, Kevin Wang, developer of Argus and Count: A Very Simple Counter (Count), released Count 3.0 to the general public on the App Store. Originally released in 2015, Count is a simplistic and intelligent counter that allows users to count with gestures. The new Count has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and comes with new features including an improved UI, Sense, Random, and various bug fixes and stability improvements.

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On false starts and long hours-Will


I hope you aren’t counting on another computer science blog this week; because this won’t be one. I’m here to talk about totally unrelated things and AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire. I promise you, at least I hope, it will makes sense.

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Second Prep – Grazer


Land of the Sleeping Things by Dan McPharlin

Now that the first (female) set of components have been milled, it’s time to move onto the male components. With that, comes the exact same prep process as last time. Makes for some riveting writing…

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Sharing Knowledge — Grazer

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.00.27 AM

Metal Moose circa 2013

As I warned in some of my earlier blog posts, many of my future writing will become increasingly mundane, as my build process shifts away from trial and error to pure production. Despite this, I had an opportunity to be constructive in a different way this week and give back to my peers. 
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The Finish Line- Lily

I feel like I’m at the last 100 meters of my 800 meter race. I have finished most of the run but these last 100 meters are pivotal to my success. I have finished all of my research and collected all of the surveys, but Brandon and I are still working to analyze all of the results. This is the most important push of our project because we plan to center the rest of our project on the surveys that we handed out and then include the results in our presentation. So Brandon and I want to find patterns within the survey and share that at the upper school independent research assembly. My hope is to find common misperceptions or understandings of bipolar disorder within the surveys and share those facts in the assembly. With all of the knowledge I had gained this semester through my research, and now that I know where our community lacks knowledge of mental disorders, I believe Brandon and I have a responsibility to inform the community of bipolar disorder.

Regarding the survey, we met with T. Deb to see if she had any suggestions on ways to sort through the surveys, who then directed us to T. Alicia. Not satisfied with the suggestions from T. Alicia because of the complexity of the site she offered, we went to the library, and then Kiara. We liked T. Kiara’s advice the best: we skimmed over all of the surveys and took note of any patterns. Then Brandon and I talked about the results and inferred why some people answered certain answers the way they did. For example, I found that the people who noted that they have a mental disorder, or have a family member with a mental disorder, responded more in depth to the question of what they think America’s research of mental disorder is, and whether or not it should be a priority. The longer answers came from the respondents who were personally connected to the topic, and therefore have a stronger opinion, than someone who is not connected to mental illnesses. We just met with Kiara with all of the surveys. She helped us plan our presentation and gave us advice on how to present our results, for example make a word chart of the most commonly used words in the survey, for the question asking terms one associates with mental illness. We have also been working on finishing the annotated bibliography. Brandon and I have made a lot of progress but still have this last sprint until the end of semester!


Photo: Finish Line. Maguzz. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Dec. 2015 <http://www.thelookoutsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/ Finishing-line.jpg&gt;.

Week 8: Nearing the Finish Line – Will


Welcome to Week Eight. This will be CS50s last week as a traditional course, this Friday I will turn in my last problem set and my assigned coursework will be over. What will follow is four weeks of free time in which I will have to complete my final project. Instead of walking through the last legs of C$50 Finance, which tedium reached nearly funny levels, I figure our time will be better spent looking ahead at the final project.

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Slow Week — Grazer

This week has ended in little progress, but some important decisions were made. There’s a pivotal time to follow, as my own future and that of the Grazer will soon be decided.

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Week 7: Finance – Will

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 7.29.39 PM

The past two week’s blogs have taken a step away from my course work; examining both the startup I’m working on (which does have a fancy new website) and some of the greater implications of the work I am doing. As we come close to the end of my work in this course, with only four weeks of lecture to go, I think it is important to return to our focus, the actual core work of the class itself. This week will will be examining Pset 7: CS50 Finance

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