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An Introduction to my Project

Here’s just a shot of me performing one of my spoken-word pieces.

Hi everyone, my name is Bess Goldstein. This semester I’ll be aiming to learn, cultivate, and create poetry. Whether that be through research of famous poets, attending slam poetry events, or just listening to YouTube videos of spoken-word poetry, my goal for this semester is to learn from the writers around me.

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Creative Intermission 2!

From the very beginning, the beats were drawn to jazz like moths to a lamp–it defined the 40’s

Allen Ginsberg (source: photobucket)

Allen Ginsberg
(source: photobucket)

hipster from which they evolved. While the jazz musician’s lifestyle and jazz itself were directly appropriated and abused in many ways, shapes, and forms; there is also something that was purely artistically inspired by jazz: free-verse. Continue reading

Kerouac’s “The Subterraneans”


The past two weeks have gone by in a whirlwind of text. I’ve delved into Kerouac’s The Subterraneans, and admittedly, I am already suffering from shortness of breath. This is due to Kerouac’s syntax-less free-verse, which runs thick with ego and thin with message; leaving me in a state of mental asphyxiation as I attempt to parse out plot amidst his ceaseless, uninterrupted tides of “suave-sad-boy-saint” soliloquy. Continue reading

Hipsters, Beatniks, and Romantic Racism: Subculture Trinity

The title of this post–while somewhat ridiculous–pretty much sums up what I’ll be examining for the next few months.  This week, I’ve gone about the business of selecting and acquiring some texts that I’ll be analyzing: Kerouac’s The Subterraneans, and an article by  Norman Mailer, entitled The White Negro. Does that last one sound revolting? Absolutely; its content is even worse than the title–and that article is almost essential when it comes to dissecting the mess of 40’s-60’s (white) subculture in america. In my opinion, Mailer’s article is a beatnik manifesto. Continue reading

The Finishing Touches -by Tristen

This past week Habeeb and I have been diligently working on compiling the early stages of our book.  As we are trying to make the uinner story throughout the poems flow as smoothly as possible, we have come to some difficulties.  It has caused us to rewrite parts of our poems so that the story remains recognizable. Continue reading

The Assembly was a Success! -by Tristen

20131115_141402Finally, after all the planning and coordinating it took to have our Spoken Word assembly, it happened.  The date and time was set, Habeeb and I arrived early to fix up the stage and get each performer ready.  In total, we had 10 performances.  Seven of those performances were made up of students from our Spoken Word Club.  The other three were invited guests.

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Def Jem Poetry at Westtown: Job Well Done – by Habeeb

Def Jam Poetry at Westtown on November 15th was a success. After the performance I was inundated with a substantial amount of praise and congratulations. After a week of rehearsing, people dropping in and out I was surprised by the good feedback we got from the audience. From the buzz I’m getting about the assembly the last performance by Keith Robertson seemed to resonate with the audience the most. The first part of his performance started off with a spoken word piece, which lead him into rap for the last part of his performance.  Continue reading

Around the Corner – by Habeeb

OH boy! As the weeks seem to fly by, our assembly date of November 15th is getting closer. For the next week both Tristen and my focus is primarily towards the performance. With a strong number of students from our Spoken Word Club, and outside appearances, things are looking up. During our club meeting on Tuesday students are to present two of their best pieces they plan to perform; as a club we’ll help members narrow it down to one. I’m looking forward to what aspects of relationships, students might focus on through their work. Continue reading

The Beginnings -by Tristen

Another week along this project and things are starting to look up with a couple major boundaries to be passed soon.  While searching the internet for ways to self publish cheaply and effectively I stumbled upon a website that will publish our book for $4 a book.  This is incredible especially because it means with the little bit of money we are using to start this project off we should be able to make a substantial amount of extra money through the selling of our books.  Also next Friday, November 15, we will be hosting an assembly for the entire school to come see. Continue reading