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Hearing: Introduction To Human Auditory System (1)

Another human sensation that plays a crucial role in our life is hearing.  Now let’s take a closer look at the human hearing system and how auditory information is processed throughout.

What is the sound? 

First, similar to light, sounds are also waves that have different wavelength and amplitude. Such difference creates sensational pitches and loudness that we use to describe the sound. Continue reading

Cognitive Science: An Introduction – Andy

Hello there! My name is Andy Chen, a current Senior at Westtown school. This semester, I plan to take an independent science course to furthers my interests in Cognitive Science. Let’s get started!

So first, what is Cognitive Science?

When Cognitive Science first emerged in the late 1900s, scientists were unsure about its domain: was it “Cognitive Psychology under a new name,” or “an offshoot of artificial intelligence?” (Estes, 1991, p. 282). Continue reading

Future Plans-Brandon

This week, after some back and forth emailing, Dr. Durand-Zaleski sent us her survey. The formatting was a bit wonky but besides that, everything was great. I spent an hour or so modifying the questions so that they would be a better fit for the students in Westtown’s Upper School. I have attached the link for anyone who is interested in checking it out. Continue reading