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Semester Goals – KC

Last semester I was able to reach a large majority of my goals. This year, the Independent Seminar is not built into my schedule. I added it on top of 6 other courses because of my dedication to advancing sex education in this country. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m tight with time, but still have a long list of goals. This semester I’m focusing on financial planning, team expansion, and event planning. Continue reading

The End | Silver

I titled my first blog here for this semester’s independent research on the commercial aviation industry “the stories behind the metal birds.” The past few months were a blink. Now, at the end of May, I am sitting in front of my laptop composing my last blog entry. But before I revisit the “stories” I have looked over the course of my work, I want to first share a story about how I personally came to be fascinated by the airline industry.


Afternoon view of the Hollywood Hills (picture taken by myself in January 2017) 

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Boost Your Business or Nonprofit With These Facebook Tips!

We live in a digital age that relies on social media for business and social outreach. The internet has allowed for a regular conglomeration of millions of people per day on the same platform connecting and engaging with friends, advertisements, businesses, and public figures alike. For anyone creating a nonprofit, business, or awareness campaign, Facebook is a key tool that should be utilized to the fullest. Here are my top tips and tricks for using Facebook’s various features to the fullest. These tips will allow you to increase engagement and reach more people. Continue reading

The Hidden Gem of Westtown School – KC

This semester during my Junior year, I am enrolled in the Independent Study Program and having the time of my life diving deep into material that specifically interests me in a subject I excel. After hearing about this unique offer during my Sophomore year, I seized the opportunity. After a proposal, I was accepted into the History Independent Seminar where I’ve been study legislation and sex education in Pennsylvania.

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Upon first impression, I thought this class would simply be a time to learn all about the history of legislation and sex education in Pennsylvania and continue my learning in my favorite subject — but it is far more than that.

Westtown’s Independent Study has challenged my writing, reading, researching and critical thinking skills. I’ve noticed considerable improvements in many disciplines as a result of my deep study of sex education and legislation. I’ve worked with the Chair of the History Department, English Teachers, and Health Experts.

This is a unique program I would recommend to all students who are pursuing a unique discipline. Current students should seize this opportunity for next year. Few schools allow for students to explore their interest in a particular subject the way Westtown allows. Not only have I been able to learn more through research, but I also have a plethora of resources and faculty who have been incredibly supportive and helpful.

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The Independent Study Program is one of the hidden gems on our campus that needs more recognition. I hope prospective students have a chance to hear about how students are excelling in different disciplines through this program.

This week I wanted to hear from all my fellow peers about unexpected ways they’ve improved their academic and research skills through Independent Seminar. What skills have you improved?

Image from Westtown School “Student Life” (www.westtown.edu)


Week 12: Halfway There!

Looking back over these past twelve weeks, I am certainly in awe of how far I have come.  I started this project as a naive, optimistic, uneducated 16 year old, and have transformed myself into a still-optimistic slightly more educated 16 year old.  However, I am only halfway up my mountain. I plan to continue to work on my independent project over the summer and into the first semester of senior year.  In this new phase of my project, I plan to continue to keep up with Syria in the news as well as watching interviews of the refugees online.  I was also recently put in touch with a local Syrian refugee organization not far away from Westtown so I will be looking forward to hopefully being able to get some interviews there.  If all goes well, I hope to be finished interviewing and putting together my final product in time to present to the entire school next winter.

Speaking of interviews, I am happy to announce I have conducted my first official interview with a Syrian refugee! As I mentioned in previous posts, I have been hoping to get in touch with a Westtown alum named Jamal for a while, and as of last Tuesday it finally happened.  The questions I wrote up with Teacher Pat proved extremely useful, and I am very excited to see what other information my future interviews will bring in.  Jamal was able to give me a broad overview of the conflict from his perspective, as well as tell me the hardships of his own personal journey to the United States.  If you are interested in watching it, I have attached a link to a teaser of the interview at the bottom of this post.

To sum things up, I have learned a lot this semester.  From always double checking to ensure your video camera is on before conducting an interview to the value of persistence, the hands-on factor of this project has taught me so many things that cant be learned inside a classroom.  I am immensely grateful for the opportunity I was given to study Syrian refugees this semester, and am looking forward to seeing where it will take me in the coming months!

Watch my interview with Jamal here

Image credit: https://wvuimc.wordpress.com/2013/12/05/capstone-survival-tips/

Sifting Through Articles-Brandon

After reading through a large number of articles this week, I have picked a subject and started writing an outline. I originally thought of writing about different memorization techniques and comparing them with one another to see which is best for the situation. This past week however, I came across an article titled How (And Why) Emotion Enhances the Subjective Sense of Recollection.   Continue reading

Chip On Our Shoulders – Roger

In last week’s blog post I briefly introduced my study in the topic of personnel management. We went through some basic concepts, and I shared a personal story in experiencing teamwork with all of you. This week we are going to talk about different personnel structures within a company and how they can help a business grow. There are some traditional ones that y’all might be familiar with, and there are also some innovative ones that have become more popular during recent years. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Week 3- Demographics


In last week’s blog post, we explored some major events in prior to World War II and five different Jewish population groups in Europe. As I had mentioned last week, I was going to do some further exploration to Jewish life in Europe before the World War II. Besides the materials provided by the Israeli Consulate General in Shanghai, I also went through some articles and information online. Those materials included two articles written by Dr. Arie M. Kacowicz who was the teacher of my International Relation class in Georgetown University, all about Jewish demography in Europe before World War II. These articles were particularly helpful as they give both empirical data and general introductions. I also watched some portions of a documentary of this topic: “Jewish History- Jewish Diaspora”, which also was rather helpful to me. And I will give a general introduction to what I learned this week.

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History of Jews before WWII -Han




Hi everyone,

After a struggling week with all kinds of schedule changes, I am excited to officially dive into my independent research project. This week is rather fruitful for me as I finally followed my original plan and went through numerous scholar articles and consensus. As I mentioned in last week, in order to gain a larger picture of Jews’ background, I will spend about three weeks to learn the history of Jews, including their migrations, their integration into the local population and the anti-Semitism wave in Europe prior to the second World War. As I dig into some article and scholar materials provided by the Israeli Consulate General in Shanghai, I found there are several events rather important to Jews in Europe, and I will mainly discuss some of the major events in this week’s blog. Continue reading