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My Project So Far -Gwyneth




MedievalMonk  During my time doing independent research this semester, I have learned a great deal about just how challenging it is to conduct research on my own. At the same time, I think I have accomplished a lot in spite of the difficulties of adjusting to this new structure of learning and working. Continue reading

The Thesis Hunt Begins -Gwyneth

I’ve gotten to the point in the year where the need to give my research a specific direction has become quite pressing. That is to say, I need to come up with a thesis very soon. Since this is a big and somewhat intimidating step that will determine what I will be doing for the rest of this project, I thought it would be useful to lay out some possible directions I could go in before making any decisions. Continue reading

An Unlikely Comparison: Richard II & Donald Trump – Gwyneth

For this week’s blog post, I would like to highlight a recent surge in Richard II’s popularity. Not as a topic of discussion at the average family dinner table, of course (this would be quite odd indeed), but among historians and literary scholars. This is due to a fascinating connection made between our current political situation and the reign of Richard II as depicted by Shakespeare. In several articles I have read online, Donald Trump has been compared to Shakespeare’s version of Richard. I thought it would be interesting to explore this comparison in my blog post, since it connects my project (which can easily come off as being remote from and insignificant to our lives today) to the modern world. Continue reading

A Brief History of Airplane Seats | Silver

In the past week, I have been focusing on the evolution of airplane seats. Through this blog post, I will present a snapshot of this multifaceted and complicated piece of history. While I realize that I am far away from being an expert on many nuances and considerations that went into the seat design process, I hope that I can, at least, portray a general trend of development and provide some insights into how today’s air travel can be seen as a cumulative result of the past.

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Stories Behind the Metal Birds | Silver

Hello everyone. It is definitely an exciting time for me to start doing my second semester research on the past events and current developments of commercial aviation. I am a huge fan of commercial aviation since I was little, and I regularly read and write travel blogs and aviation forums to get to know the latest trends or development in this field and to share my thoughts.


Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER with service from Shanghai to Toronto (picture taken by myself)

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Last Research-Ria

Rather than complete a film on my research this semester, I am rather, going to complete a large annotated bibliography with all of my research. The annotations will include what helped me and also what information I found to be most intriguing and crucial. This semester I am glad I changed my focus. I think I was able to gain a better understanding of the conflict of India/Pakistan by hearing two perspectives rather than just plain fact. While I needed facts in my research, the bias gave me new angles that were much more personal. Much of the information I received from reading about the Partition I found to be similar to Israel/ Palestine. There are continuing wars and fights breaking out even years after the conflict first began. Towards the end of the semester I researched more regarding Kashmir. Kashmir, currently belongs to India but it majority Muslim. Pakistan and India have fought over Kashmir’s independence for years and there are ongoing battles and protests. In the news recently there has been violence and even schools were shut down. Both countries have not come to an agreement on where Kashmir should stand: as a part of Pakistan or India.  Continue reading

Week 2: Some Struggles

I think I am finally beginning to get the hang of working on an Independent Project.   It has taken me a while to adjust my pacing and work ethic, but slowly and surely I am getting there.  Sometimes my project feels a little like what Michael Scott from The Office was describing in the picture below, but everyday I am getting more and more involved in my project and my goals are becoming cletumblr_m67jrcqZU21qhdb1no1_500.jpgarer.


I have found that if I am lacking motivation to work on my project, the best thing I can do is to go on the blog and read other peoples recent posts.  The passion and knowledge of my peers pursuing independent projects is truly an inspiration,  I hope one day my blog posts will be worthy of being posted up there with theirs.  Maintaining my voice is another thing I am trying to work on through my project.  I would like to keep a relaxed tone, but at the same time keep a degree of formality.  Luckily, I have many more blog posts in which I can improve on that.   Here is the website I am currently using in hopes of improving my posts: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2015/02/09/how-to-write-a-blog-post

One person I am eternally grateful to have helping me with this project is Teacher Pat, my mentor.  After discussing the goals of my project with her, she helped me realize that my original vision of making a ‘sun-dance’ worthy film on the Syrian refugee crisis was neither practical nor the direction I wanted to take my project.  Instead, she suggested I film it more as a documentary.  While at first I was hesitant about this idea, I have sense reconsidered.  My one hope is that the final product of my project is to have produced an accurate and moving portrayal of the crisis.  When considering the goals of my project, creating a documentary definitely makes the most sense.  Though I am sure my vision for this project will change many times over the coming months, I am excited to see where I end up.  Until next week…

History of Jews before WWII -Han




Hi everyone,

After a struggling week with all kinds of schedule changes, I am excited to officially dive into my independent research project. This week is rather fruitful for me as I finally followed my original plan and went through numerous scholar articles and consensus. As I mentioned in last week, in order to gain a larger picture of Jews’ background, I will spend about three weeks to learn the history of Jews, including their migrations, their integration into the local population and the anti-Semitism wave in Europe prior to the second World War. As I dig into some article and scholar materials provided by the Israeli Consulate General in Shanghai, I found there are several events rather important to Jews in Europe, and I will mainly discuss some of the major events in this week’s blog. Continue reading

A Slight Introduction


I have to be completely candid here about the fact that this my independent study for this week is rather challenging. As I just figured out my course timetable and this class has just been added to my course lists this Friday, I do not really have time to conducting my plan as I planed this week. Accordingly, since I just started this project, I would like to give a general introduction in concerning with this history project. Continue reading