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Fashion as Armor 3 – Bay

After I did some research on Asian armor, specifically Japanese Samurai’s armor, I realize that almost all the armor around the world are surprisingly similar. Chainmail, layered metal plates and exclusively for male are abundant in virtually in every armor design around the world, some of the few differences are the arrangement of the metal plates and the embellishments. In addition, the designs and embellishments of the armors from whatever culture were already made to be flattering on human body, for example, the photos I provided in Blog 1 show how each piece was made and tailored to the wearer, so I took the inspiration quite directly and so I want to challenge myself a little bit more so I start looking into “Natural Armor.”

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Fashion as Armor 2-Bay

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3

After researching about Renaissance and Medieval armors, I took inspiration from contemporary garment patterns and combine them with a lot of prominent features of the armors, such as chainmail, layered metal plates and ostentatiously engraved patterns on metal armors.

These are not final sketches, they still need to be cleaned and colored.

All the photos and sketches was provided by Bay Chaitrakulthong ’19

A Quick Flashback With New Gains – Roger

In last week’s blog post, we enthusiastically dived into the study of marketing, as we finished discussing target markets the week before. Since we talked about the definition and the importance of marketing last week, my original plan was to continue the research and introduce multiple different ways of marketing in this week’s blog post. However, after I met with my mentor, Coach Seth Berger, on Monday, I changed my plan. Today we are going to go back and talk more about target markets through a quick look at And One, the sneaker company founded by Coach Seth many years ago. And then we are going to discuss about how I should identify the target market of my sneaker business, Sole Garage, again, but in much more details.


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