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Airlines as Cultural Representations

It’s been a long time since my last post…Good to be back here to talk about commercial aviation. I have previously mentioned, in my first blog, that different airlines can be seen as distinct agents that represent the cultures of their home countries. I made this point totally out of my observations. When I boarded my first few flights almost a decade ago, I started to notice different seat decorations of different carriers. It was not until later years that I figured out some meaning out of these ostensible differences. For example, hidden behind the cloud-shaped figures imprinted on seats of Air China is the oriental philosophy that promises happiness and tranquility; ANA’s signature boarding music Another Sky brings a taste of traditional Japanese music, ongaku, to its passengers. Yet as I think about the subject deeper, I have found out that the footprint of an airline’s culture extends far beyond explicit manifestations of national symbols. As you will see in the three case studies below, both the indigenous, regional culture and the internal corporate atmosphere have huge impacts on almost every dimension of an airline’s operation and the product it delivers. The cumulation of every little cultural detail, in turn, shapes the identity of airlines and helps them differentiate from their competitors.


ANA Onboard Japanese Meal Selection from Tokyo Narita to Shanghai (Picture taken by myself)  Continue reading

Financial Accounting – Ricky

Financial Accounting


Last semester, due to the heavy workload that every first semester senior goes through, my independent seminar digressed a little bit from the mathematical fields of business. Therefore, this semester I decided to focus on something much more math-related in the field of business, and I picked financial accounting as the starting point of the study. Continue reading

On false starts and long hours-Will


I hope you aren’t counting on another computer science blog this week; because this won’t be one. I’m here to talk about totally unrelated things and AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire. I promise you, at least I hope, it will makes sense.

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Natural Beauty Products-Megan

Before I go into some of the products that Arogya intends to sell, I want to talk about where I am in my project!

natural-beauty-productsWhat to look for in best natural beauty products”What To Look For In Best Natural Beauty Products”. Dealpain.net. N. p., 2016. Web. 29 Nov. 2016.

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What Makes a Good Pitch?

What makes a good pitch?                                                                                                             Ricky Yu


This week, I wanted to talk about something else besides my competition and finance course, but still something that is related to what I am studying. What makes a good business pitch? Is it the idea itself? The presentation? The talking? There are multiple parts that have to click well together in a business plan or a proposal, and I will tell you shortly today what makes a good business pitch. Continue reading

Some More Details

Some more details

I just finished my first week of corporate finance, and I learned about the time value of money. However, this week’s significance lies mostly in my conversations with T. Steve about the business plan competition that I plan to hold either at the end of the semester or the year. Continue reading

Coffee Plantations

My favorite thing about going back to India is visiting my family who live in Madikeri. The reason it is one of my favorite places is because I can spend my time at our family’s coffee plantation. Our estate has been in our family for many generations and each child in the Mahendra family gets a plot of land in time.

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Why Stories Matter | Will Manidis

There were a lot of things we couldn’t do with our hundred pound hunk of aluminum, bolts, and old scrapped car motors; however losing didn’t seem to be one of them. They say you can’t ‘fake it ’til you make it’; however after making it to the World Championships of FRC Robotics with a dysfunctional heap of poor planning and design, I began to wonder if you really could. Our robot lurched across the field as if it was on its death bed every match, looked vaguely like a pile of scrap and had an affinity for unintentional right turns. However no matter how bad we thought we were, here we were at the World Championships; and that meant hours onto hours of individual match planning and strategy.

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Last But Not Least… – Roger

In last week’s blog post we examined three of the five popular organizational structures proposed by Jacob Morgan, one of my favorite business writers on Forbes, and learned more about how to manage the personnel within a company. This week we are going to finish up our research in this area by learning about the last two organizational structures Morgan advocates. Also, since this is the last blog post of this year’s independent study, I am going to take y’all all the way to the very beginning of my project and share with you what I have learned, not only business-wise but also as a person from such a memorable experience. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

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