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Sifting Through Articles-Brandon

After reading through a large number of articles this week, I have picked a subject and started writing an outline. I originally thought of writing about different memorization techniques and comparing them with one another to see which is best for the situation. This past week however, I came across an article titled How (And Why) Emotion Enhances the Subjective Sense of Recollection.   Continue reading



This week’s lecture on emotion was one of my favorites. I suspect that many people including myself have trouble decoding their own emotions at times. Sometimes we feel sad, happy, excited, or scared and can’t pinpoint why.  Even when we can identify the cause of an emotion such as a spider with fear, most of us don’t know why we react the way we do. Surprisingly, evolution plays a huge role in why we feel the way we do. Continue reading

What is Love?-Brandon

This week’s lecture was a great break from the usual routine. The President of Yale College, Professor Peter Salovey spoke about emotion, specifically love. He is best known for pioneering the concept of emotional intelligence. He also noted that many of the studies he references are from the 1950s and 1960s and not considered ethical by today’s standards. Also, most of these studies are anglocentric and heterocentric. Salovey said that it is up to the audience to decide whether or not these studies can be generalized so I’ll leave that to you.  Continue reading