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Assistant Teaching- Alec Barbera

As my observations wrap up, and my time in middle school is coming to a close, I have realized many things about the whole teaching process, the students in the class, and especially about myself. I have seen many classes and have a strong understanding of what it means to be a teacher for  young adolescents. Because of this journey that I haven’t even hit the halfway mark in, I have found what it means for me to find a career, and I believe I have found that career in its entirety. Continue reading

Assistant Teaching – Alec B

As I delve deeper into my project, I see that I am progressing at a much quicker rate than I had expected. I was planning on taking activities on myself towards the end of my time in this classroom, but now I am almost fully immersed in the class.

I took on an assignment that T. Lisa had already started. I hadn’t known the kids that much and I asked T. Lisa if I could develop a small writing assignment about what the students like to know them a little better. Luckily, this kind of activity was already in action. What she had the students lined up for was a blog post called Seesaw that was connected with another sixth grade English Continue reading

Sifting Through Articles-Brandon

After reading through a large number of articles this week, I have picked a subject and started writing an outline. I originally thought of writing about different memorization techniques and comparing them with one another to see which is best for the situation. This past week however, I came across an article titled How (And Why) Emotion Enhances the Subjective Sense of Recollection.   Continue reading

First Assignment – Taylor

After making some final touches to our plans, it’s been decided that for the rest of the semester, my mentor and I will be working on lots and lots of short literary sketches! My final project will include two of these sketches to be edited and refined into finished pieces, logs of the conversations I have with my mentor, and a sit down discussion of my work with a small committee of peers and faculty. Continue reading

Change in Plans – Taylor

This past week, I tried writing the next five pages to my novel and found that not only was I struggling to get through the first page, but that I was in fact, stuck. Why? One would think writer’s block, which many people have come up with various solutions to. But soon, I realized that the problem wasn’t as much of a mental block as it was a chink in my plan. Continue reading

Dance Performance – by Isabel

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity of attending a musical theater convention called zak-pac. It was an incredible experience in so many ways and I learned so many quality lessons from truly inspirational people. I also got to perform a dance solo and get critiqued. This experience was very valuable as I have never performed a dance solo before. This was the best possible way to release possible nerves in a friendly and supportive environment and receive helpful suggestions.  Continue reading

Math Independent Research Update — Shuangcheng Du

Since the beginning of the school year, I have divided my time into two parts as I have planned: working on Moody’s paper with math modeling and doing problem solving practices by myself. Overall I think that I am in the place where I planned to be, yet some small adjustments might be needed in the next quarter so that I will be able to complete my original goals at the end of semester one. Continue reading

Educational difference – by Eric

Starting from September, I have read through a wide range of information including several books about the general information of Japanese public education and I constantly drew comparison with American education system. Personally grew up in Taiwan, I have experienced Asian education and the pressure that comes with the atmosphere. I found  the information of those in Japan struck a chord with me. High academic expectations, parents’ attitude towards academics and extra curricular activities and etc. Education systems in these two different countries emphasize very different and contrasting things in different level of education.

Continue reading