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Week 8: Nearing the Finish Line – Will


Welcome to Week Eight. This will be CS50s last week as a traditional course, this Friday I will turn in my last problem set and my assigned coursework will be over. What will follow is four weeks of free time in which I will have to complete my final project. Instead of walking through the last legs of C$50 Finance, which tedium reached nearly funny levels, I figure our time will be better spent looking ahead at the final project.

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Week 7: Finance – Will

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 7.29.39 PM

The past two week’s blogs have taken a step away from my course work; examining both the startup I’m working on (which does have a fancy new website) and some of the greater implications of the work I am doing. As we come close to the end of my work in this course, with only four weeks of lecture to go, I think it is important to return to our focus, the actual core work of the class itself. This week will will be examining Pset 7: CS50 Finance

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Week 6: On Context and Startups – Will


In recent weeks my blogging has fallen into a rut. while representing my week’s learnings in these retrospectives has provided critical insight in to my work so far; I fear that it does not get to the true heart of what this is all about. This experience is not about going through the motions of taking a class, nor is it about memorizing syntax and reciting it to you all. This experience is about gaining real life skills. In this week’s blog I will not be teaching you how to make a spell checker, or teaching you syntax; I will be telling you about how the story of a project of mine.

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Week 5: Failures – WIll

Missing the Mark | Wikimedia Creative Commons

When I sat down and logged into the portal to take Quiz 0, I had no idea what I was about to face. I had gone through the syllabus, revisited past years quizzes, and reviewed my work this far. I was ready to rock the world with my knowledge, blissfully unaware what I would soon face.


This week’s blog will take a little bit of a different form, as instead of a problem set (pset) this week, we were assigned our very first quiz and a small challenge. Spoiler Alert: The Quiz didn’t go to plan. What will follow is an account of learning from failure and a short look into the future.

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Week 4: Digital Forensics – Will

'A Digital Forensic Scientist at work' | Parody by v3.co.uk

‘A Digital Forensic Scientist at work’ | Parody by v3.co.uk

We all have had moments where we accidentally deleted that file before quickly realizing our mistake. Digital Forensics is the science of recovering information previously thought lost on digital systems. The field, only having come into vogue a few years ago, is now a core focus of many three letter government agencies. This week was a small introduction into this quickly changing field.

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Week 3: The Game of Fifteen – Will


The Game of Fifteen – Illustration From CS50 Pset 3

Gaming is one of the largest driving forces behind the development of computing hardware. This week in CS50 we were tasked with implementing a simple game, the game of fifteen. The game itself is pretty simple, you must put the numbers in order with the least number of moves. However implementing this was anything but simple. Read on below the break to find out how I did so.

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Week 0: This is CS50 – Will

Week 0: This is CS50

A Moment From Week 0

Computer Science is often the defined as the science of computation; however if I were to define it, I would define it as the science of connectivity. A little over a week ago I tuned in to my first live lecture from Harvard University’s CS50 – Intensive Introduction to Computer Science. CS50 is Harvard University’s largest class in recent years as well as it’s most difficult introductory class. To a certain extent it is baffling why an introductory computer science class is the largest class at a University acclaimed for it’s humanities and law studies. Continue reading