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Medicine in Ancient Civilizations– Yuchen

In the past week, I focused on exploring the origin of medicine from various ancient civilizations. The field of medicine is by no mean a modern product of scientific advancements, but rather a product built upon the accumulated knowledge of human civilizations for more than one million years. Continue reading

Creating a Thesis – Bella

     I have shifted some aspects of my timeline, but I still have kept up fairly well with what my goal was. I haven’t started Greece yet, but instead have extended my research in religion in Ancient Egypt so I can cover more provide more  depth experience for the reader as well as myself. I never planned to write nearly 30 pages on religion in Ancient Egypt, but I continued to compile notes. I have come up with a method that suits me rather well, which is taking a multitude of notes, printing out sources, highlighting and taking notes on those, and then typing it all up once I have  compiled everything. I do a lot at once so I can get more work done that way, though I save my opinions for the actual writing. It has been difficult writing my opinions without directly saying “I” or coming off too strong about them, I have to more or less incorporate them and not just focus on my perception, but every other one. I am doing just as well as I hoped I would. I am almost done with Ancient Egypt, all I have to do is another page or so of marriage and then I go right to Nefertiti, and then I’m done Egypt until I go back and edit. I have to repeat this whole process with Greece, and given that I wrote 50 pages for Ancient Egypt within two weeks, I am confident about Greece. I have already begun research on it. I just have to go back and do the very general introduction on the progression of women in society. Specifically I need to look at my notes from The Creation of Patriarchy to set the tone for the rest of my book.  I have also been developing an underlying thesis for my whole book, and it is essentially that women have been persecuted despite being pillars of society through the development and ultimate triumph of patriarchy as the organizing power structure. Women have been needed, but overlooked to support the male need for society and civilization, especially in these Ancient Societies.

Blog post #1 – Bella

Blog Post 1: 1/24/18

Since this week was the first official week of independent research projects, I went to the library and began to search for books that could help me throughout my research projects. I knew I was looking for books that adhered to the topic of ancient women, patriarchy, and women in society not just in ancient times, but now. I have had a pretty decent knowledge of these topics as well as certain women in history such as Cleopatra and Hatshepsut, but I have never really done research at the level I anticipate. I believe that an important aspect of my project is to be able to compare and contrast women and their influences then versus now, and how we have evolved in society (or not evolved,) and though I hope to draw my own conclusion(s) on that matter in my work, I hope to get inspiration from these books and get a more solid idea of my own opinions, and how I will approach this task. This week, I hope to create a family tree of Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Egypt, so that I can focus on female divinity in ancient Egyptian society. Continue reading