The Four Failing Pillars of Sex Ed

Sex education needs serious renovations – dare I say an overhaul. We are failing to teach students how to keep their bodies happy, healthy, and safe. Here are four reasons why sex education is failing students in Pennsylvania and across the nation: Continue reading

Implementing a Machine Learning Model with Core ML Part II – Vision API – Kevin

In my previous blog post, I wrote about the implementation of a general machine learning model using Apple’s Core ML framework. In this blog post, I will continue my discussion of Core ML and focus on a specific aspect of the framework—computer vision.

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Negocios y Emoción – Peirce

Before making the subject switch from Spain to South America, Dan and I spent this week reading and discussing soccer in the world and the effects of globalization on modern soccer. We used two different chapters from Goles y banderas: futbol e identidades nacionales en España by Alejandro Quiroga Fernandez de Soto, the same book we used to discuss identities in Spain. Continue reading

Miracle of Miracles / If I Were A Rich Man

Hello everyone!

I’ve been under the weather this week, so, unfortunately, I can’t record the monologue just yet, but there’s something big happening very soon! If you couldn’t guess from the title, auditions for Fiddler on the Roof start on Tuesday (Monday consists of introductory activities)! I began taking voice lessons at the beginning of the semester in preparation with T. Rebecca Field, who is a great teacher! Continue reading

Assistant Teaching- Alec B.

My whole goal in my project is to be able to see every grade between middle and lower schools. I want to know what it’s like being a teacher in all different directions. So far, I have only been in sixth grade English. I do not have problem with this whatsoever, but I believe it is time for me to move onto a different grade level and expand my horizons. Continue reading

Identities in Spanish soccer and culture, conclusions of study in Spain – Peirce

For our last week of studying Spanish soccer and culture, T.Dan and I read and discussed two different chapters from a book discussing soccer identities in both Catalonia and País Vasco. Goles y banderas: futbol e identidades nacionales en España by Alejandro quiroga fernandez de soto, is the name of the book, written entirely in Spanish. Continue reading

Can’t Shake the Feeling

For those of you who saw Big Love last week, you’ll understand why I was so sore walking into the studio today. Last week I made a lot of headway on my dance. I ruthlessly choreographed until my body simply couldn’t do more. Today I walked in and my body was already at the point of giving up, still aching from tossing myself all about the stage. And so I had a dilemma: how do I meet my impending deadline without hurting myself? I decided I would mark through those last few counts of the song. Continue reading

Painting for Longevity ‘Shipchangsaengdo’

Today, I am going to introduce another genre of Korean folk painting which is called Shipchangsaengdo. For early Koreans, the goal and desire of life was pretty simple: fortune, honor, wealth, longevity, and fertility to have plenty of descendants. Koreans portrayed their hopes for such a life in Korean folk paintings. Among them, Shipchangsaengdo portrays common people’s wish to live long. Continue reading