Our Students 2014-2015

Literature and writing — Margot, a senior, has focused on a particular niche in American cultural history. Through Jack Kerouac and others she will pursue understanding the connection between race and the beat culture of the 1950s and 60s. Blogging until January 2015

Science and Music — Anne Katherine, a senior, is continuing her study of the connection between astrophysics and music. This fall she hopes to build on last spring’s work by creating music she hopes to perform on her violin. Blogging until January 2015

Math — Charles, a senior, will be studying differential equations through an MIT open courseware. Having finished with Westtown’s top offering last year (Linear Algebra), Charles will continue hie growth as a mathematician with the help of MIT and his mentor. Blogging until January 2015

Art — Lauren, a senior, is focusing on visual art. Her dual emphasis will be portraiture through both drawing and photography. Blogging until January 2015.

Social Entrepreneurship — Zach, a senior, is creating business to develop phytoplankton as a food source for malnourished people. He is working with mentors in both marine sciences and in business start up. Blogging until June 2015.

Science and Design- Lukas, a junior, is creating his own version of a Strandbeest. His mentor is an artist involved in designing machines and art installations. Blogging until June 2015

Technology and Design – Xan, a senior, is taking the Westtown prosthetic hand project further along. The hope is to create a more functional hand. Blogging until June 2015.

Art and Photography – Liz, a senior, is studying time lapse photography and using Westtown’s campus as her subject . Blogging until June 2015.

Technology and History – Jeremy, a senior, is studying the history of helicopters. Blogging until June 2015.

Religion and Social Entrepreneurship- Jesse, a senior, is researching bio-gas generator designs for India. Blogging until June 2015

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