Our Students 2018-2019

Baiting, a senior, will pursue independent work in Differential Equations. He will use open source courses and on-line materials.

Dhillon, a senior, will pursue independent research in genitourinary cancers

Alina, a senior, will continue a website development project from her Comp Sci class in her junior year. Her project is to develop a better process for students to sign into and out of study-hall. In her spare time she is trying write a program to help her understand how airline airfare fluctuate over time.

Nina, a senior, will conduct comparative research in the development of communism in China, Cuba, Cambodia, North Korea, and East Germany. She is interested in understanding the ways in which specific history and culture shape the expression of Marxist theory.

Dylan, a senior will take a course in video game production through DigiPen Institute of Technology. At the end of the semester he will have created four simple video games.

Andy, a senior will continue his studies in psychology and neuroscience.

Nawal, a senior will focus on 1968 as a crucible year for the United States. She will choose and research 3-4 specific events or developments from that year and then argue for which one or ones continues to shape her life.

Nick, a senior will study coral reef degradation and restoration.

Jason, a senior is examining demographics in different nations. His interest begins in Japan.

Sabrina, a junior is continuing to think about and write about her work to create her blog platform focused on empowering and celebrating young women.