Our Students 2017-2018

Ethan, a senior, is studying US Foreign Policy in the Middle East.

Sabrina, a sophomore, is creating a girl’s empowerment movement through her Project G.I.R.L organization.

Isabella, a junior, is looking at the role of women in Ancient Egypt and Greece.

Tony, a senior, will spend the spring semester looking at gender roles as portrayed in Chinese and United States’ films.

Alivia, a senior, will spend the spring semester looking at female adolescent social behavior

Peirce, a senior, is studying  soccer and the role it has in history and in culture in both Spain and some countries in South America. Most of his research will be conducted in Spanish.

Perline, a senior, is studying the evolving relationship of a small ethnic minority Christian village in China with the Central Government. The role of charity in China is a particular interest.

Tray, a senior, is studying acting and working on developing a portfolio for his college applications.

William, a senior, is exploring the relatively new field of machine learning. He is interested in developing a way for computers to recognize images using massive data to extrapolate from the known to the unknown.

Cleo, a senior, is combining her interests in writing, dancing, music composition, and painting to explore what happens to an idea as it is expressed in different media.

Natalie, a senior, will spend the semester preparing their portfolio for applying to art schools. Their particular interests are dragons, abstract landscapes, and what is possible in oil versus watercolor with the same subject.

KC, a senior, is continuing his work to bring his organization, Keystone Coalition For Advancing Sex Education, to life.

Gwyneth, a senior, is studying the life and reign of England’s Richard II. She is a medieval history aficionado.

Kevin, a senior, returns to explore the creation of an app that depends on machine learning.

Mike, a senior, brings his love of his home country to his study of Korean folk art called Minwha

Alec,, a senior, aspires to be a teacher and is exploring his future by shadowing Middle and Lower School teachers.

Summer, a senior, takes advantage of the many on-line courses available to study Game Theory and apply it to her other interests such as history and social interactions in school.

Qiaochu, a senior, interns in the Chester County Commissioners Office and is helping facilitate Chinese partnerships with the county.