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Floating Islands and Mutating Creatures-Natalie

Hello all, Natalie here to talk about some plans. I feel I should begin with informing you all of one fact: I grew up on the images of Tolkien and Shel Silverstein and JK Rowling and Maurice Sendak (for those of you who perhaps don’t know stories by their authors, that’s Lord of the Rings and Where the Sidewalk Ends and Harry Potter and Where the Wild Things Are), and they have greatly influenced me both as a person, and as an artist. Continue reading

Hojakdo – Mikehyojan

I explored one of the most popular genres of Minhwa called Hojakdo this week. The word “ho” represents a tiger, “jak” indicates a magpie, and “do” means painting. Therefore, Hojakdo mainly features the tiger and magpie. In Korea, the number of tigers proliferated in the past. As tigers were threatening at that time, Korean ancestors intentionally drew them with humorous facial expressions as if they were funny and friendly cats to represent people’s will to overcome fear. Continue reading

I Feel Good (I Knew That I Would) – Tray

This past week has been filled with good news, both inside and outside of my project. Within my project, I have found a few monologues that I would like to hone in on. I am currently looking through Great Monologues for Young Actors and Outstanding Stage Monologs and Scenes from the ’90s. This coming week, I will be delving deeper into–pardon my French–“‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore” and “Dead or Alive”.  Continue reading

Introducing Minwha – Mikehyojan

For my art independent seminar, I am going to research deeply and explain thoroughly the remarkable Korean folk art, Minwha. Minwha was created and developed around the 17th century by the common people. Historically, most painters were anonymous as they traveled around and painted by the demands of people at various festivals without leaving their name or initials. Continue reading

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered – Tray

Hello! My name is Tray, and this semester, I am pursuing an independent study in acting with the goal of attaining knowledge intrinsic to any actor so as to create a base upon which I can build my strengths in other fields. Secondly, I would like to create a portfolio that I can present to the school in some fashion at the end of the semester. Continue reading

Beginners – Let’s Talk About Loneliness | Cynthia Ruan

Written and directed by Mike Mills, Beginners is a film that deals a lot with loneliness. After his mother’s death, Oliver (Ewan McGregor)’s father, Hal (Christopher Plummer) is diagnosed with stage-four cancer. At the age of 75, he also comes out of the closet and starts living the time of his life. After Hal has passed away, Oliver becomes depressed until he meets a French actress, Anna. They try to make their relationship work while both struggling with issues of their own.11_09_Beginners_event.jpg

Continue reading

Photo journal – Ria

This week I continued with my film along with work on my annotated bibliography. Most of the information is the same from my first semester independent project but there are many pictures I would need to cite. The film process is moving along smoothly so I decided to use this post as an opportunity to show some photos that will be in the video.

Unknown.jpeg Continue reading