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The Lake Project: A Busy 2 Weeks

I have not updated this blog in over two weeks, and in that time, a couple of things have happened. I can break them down into three main parts: 1) My mentor, T. Tim, gave me a lot of interesting information regarding birds around the lake and which ones I should specifically be on the lookout for in my catalog; 2) I met with T. Ted Lutkus who, as one of the previous heads of the science department and a former biology teacher, would take students to the North Woods and analyze one meter “bio-plots,” and; 3) I went down to the lake and had an awesome interaction with a big red-tailed hawk.

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The Lake Project: Bird Club – Dex

This week, I spent some time down in the archives to explore past cataloging efforts around the lake. When I first showed up in the archives, I was a little disappointed because there were very few hand-drawn maps that would be useful for me.

However, a few days later T. Kevin and T. Mary managed to find some immense bird lists from the past seventy years. While I had been hoping for some catalogs that contained student-created drawings, I was excited because these documents showed a rich and detailed history of a thriving group at Westtown called Bird Club.

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Empowering Citizens Through State Legislatures – KC

Congressional gridlock has created deep dissatisfaction with the United States Congress. People are concerned that politicians are working for special interest groups instead of  ordinary citizens. This gridlock phenomenon has created a shift of focus towards alternative ways of creating change. Continue reading

The Lake Project: Semester 2

For those of you who have never read one of my blogs posts before, let me quickly give you a brief description of what the Lake Project is all about. For the past semester (and some months before) I have been photographing and cataloging species around the Westtown Lake. My goal is to be able to present a finished catalog of as many species as I can identify to the archives at the end of the year.

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Pennsylvania’s Sex Education Legislation is Scarier Than You’d Think! – KC

This week I’ve started my Independent Study by delving into Pennsylvania’s legislation that regulates health and sex education in Pennsylvania. Here’s the thing: there is isn’t much regulation or specification on sexual education in the Keystone State. Continue reading

The Lake Project: Come Prepared-Dex

The last time I went to the lake, I learned an important lesson on the necessity of coming prepared whenever you are trying to take pictures of wildlife. Animals generally don’t want you to be anywhere near them, so, if they see you, you generally only have a few moments to capture an image before they are gone.

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The Lake Project: A Reflection

For this blog post, I am going to reflect on how far I have come with the project in relation to what I wanted to do at the beginning of the semester. In short, I am not quite as far along as I had hoped to come. I do not see this as a bad thing, I just know now how to better manage my expectations and overcome the obstacles I encounter.

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The Lake Project: The Importance of Luck

In wildlife photography, it is important to get lucky. Unlike doing photo shoots, taking landscapes photos, or working in any sort of controlled environment, wildlife is always on the move. We can do our best to minimize the amount of luck we will need, but in the end, there are still elements of the work that are completely uncontrollable. In this blog post, I will dive deeper into what that means.

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