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Last One :)-Yanwen


Time runs fast this year and I still haven’t done all I need to do for the semester. Senior year has been quite busy for me with all college applications, class load, and projects. But the good thing is, the two projects I include in this semester’s independent seminar keep themselves in the good shape so far and keep progressing. Since this is the last blog before the final presentation, I’d like to wrap up what I’ve gotten right now. Continue reading



According to the graph above, I’m currently stating at step 5 and getting constant updates on the project with Napier Group. Up to today, I’ve met with the clients once in person and discussed their expectations on the final product and preferred timeline to provide a workable product. The expected finish time is set before March for them to process June’s workshop registration. Continue reading

Website Update — Yanwen


I got started on physically building the website for Napier Group last week, spending my time on planning the layout and communicating with clients about their preferences. The current version of Group Leadership Intensive (GLI) website is presented above with five navigators serving different sections of information. Continue reading

More Than Coding Now–Yanwen

I finished the first stage of TraceCloud project, and got started on the Napier Group project during the past week. After the meeting with clients from Napier Group the week before last week, I clarified their expectations out of this project and learned more about their company including their running model, program format and target audiences. Continue reading

For The Field You’ve Never Touched–Yanwen

This week, I’d like to finish up TraceCloud’s business plan struggle I mentioned in the first blog entry.

After successfully created the first workable model for TraceCloud and got the technical documentation done, our team started searching online all the available business plans from different companies. At first, I was strictly looking for business plans in technology field and found that since all the products were profession targeted, they were not helpful for us, a group of business novices, regarding providing sample for a basic business plan. Continue reading

Computing? Algorithm.–Yanwen

With the rough introduction from previous post, I’d like to elaborate the project I did over the summer and past two weeks.

Started in July, me and other four college students putted our hands on the planning of a Credit Investigation System which is a system that helps banks to determine a specific person’s credibility when banks are asked to lend money to he or she. In the traditional Credit investigation system, the credit degree is mainly depended on the evaluation of the combination of users’ occupation, family situation, social relationship and other elements. Our team, however, decided to cut into users’ daily consume from analyzing their location information and the location’s average cost, and then build the credit system from those analyses. Continue reading

How to make a good product–Yanwen


Building up a concept and converting it into the reality is the most enjoyable process. Over the summer, I was invited to SAP Hybris Yass opening ceremony and fortunately witnessed many incredible products’ releases. Presenters vividly described their products from beginning ideas to the now well formed systems. The processes were basically the same, failed, tried again and failed again. Continue reading