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Probability – by Shuangcheng

During this past week, I was working on problem solving skills in math competitions. I started with the real-exam questions from the Harvard-MIT math competition 2012. While I was working on the test questions, one common category of problems stood out to me, the probability problems. In my opinion, knowing more deeply about the probability problems is one of the aspects that students at Westtown School should work on in order to achieve higher accomplishments in math competitions. Problems related with probability in the math competitions are always out of the range of normal math school work. We might have chances to have a peek into this kind of problems in a few classrooms, but it certainly would not be enough to deal with problems in competitions. For me, problems about probability have troubled me a lot, too. I have chosen two sample problems, and I will show what I have learnt this week from these two problems after talking with my mentor. Continue reading

Math Models and Competitions

I have always been expecting a way to explore some interesting math areas that I could hardly learn and research in a normal high school math classroom. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for me to take the Math Independent Research, where I can look deeply into the two areas that I love. In other words, I will divide my energy into two different math topics: Math modeling and math competition problem solving. Continue reading