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Independent Blog Week Ten – Thunderstorm Is Fearful, But Rainbow Is Beautiful.

I am not a determined believer of God, at least I was not. But what has been happening to me over this spring has been really thought provoking. I can’t stress how amazed I am to see how both my process of writing a business plan and almost everything else in my personal life following a fixed pattern. I’m really starting to believe that there is an omnipotent God who watches me and makes his moves when the time is right.

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Independent Seminar Blog Week Nine – Writing and Basketball

There is not much about my business plan going on this week. I’m in the middle of compiling my plan and I project to finish my first draft within the next ten days. I will share more about that when I get closer to the end, but right now, I want to thank two things that just left huge impacts on me.

This week has been filled with ups and downs. The first half of the week was delightful but I suffered some great losses towards the end of the week. I almost feel that whenever I check my email there is bad news awaiting me. And I can tell you that it is not easy to deal with all the disappointment and frustration, so I needed something that makes me oblivious, something that relieves me and something that recharges me with a fresh tank of energy.

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Independent Seminar Blog Week Eight – Others’ Inspirations


For those of you who read my post last week, you probably know that I have been struggling writing recently. So I decided, while keeping writing without a better approach will merely be another torture, to give myself a little break. I need some time to reframe my thoughts and seek a new way out. This week, I primarily went online and read a few others’ business plans. Luckily, their approaches have brought me some useful inspirations. Continue reading

Week Six Blog – Combining Numbers and Stories



Before Spring Break, I devoted my blogs and my independent project into dancing with key terms and concepts that will help me construct and formulate my business financial plan. Right now, it is time to apply what I have learned to my writings. And my blog from now on will feature my reflections throughout my preparation of my final business plan.

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Easy Money Sniper: Business Financial Plan Part Two – Creating The Description Section


Last week I talked about what a business financial plan (BFP) is and I hope that you have a general conception of what a BFP looks like. This week I will try to take one step forward and discuss with you the sequences and important notes when writing a BFP for a startup business. Continue reading

Easy Money Sniper: Business Financial Plan Part One – Contents


There are a million means to earn money. But if we discuss what is the fastest way to raise a relatively big amount of money, then attracting an investor deserves a position in that conversation. Isn’t it amazing to have somebody invest the exact amount you need to start your business? But in order to obtain an investment, you need a little magic: you need to show the investors that your business deserves their investment because it is a profitable and sustainable business that will be constructive to the overall society. Continue reading

Don’t Lose Track of Your Money: Introduction to Accounting.

Do you keep financial accounts of yourself? Some may say yes and some may say no. If your answer is no, then I suggest you open an excel or grab a notebook as soon as possible because knowing what happens to bills in your wallets is the most efficient way to keep track of your money and the foundation of smart financial decisions.

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