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Week 3: So… how about this paper, then? – Ethan

Up until this point, the structure of my actual paper has been nothing more than a periodically passing, vaguely worrisome thought — but that won’t turn out a paper, will it?

And so, this past weekend I hammered out a rough diagram (T. Olga suggested that I think about it like that instead of an outline) for it, and I honestly have no idea if it will stay anything like how I have it now in my final draft. Continue reading

Week 2: Synthesizing and Condensing – Ethan

This week has seen me downloading frankly ridiculous amounts of both archival and current articles from the NYT and slowly but surely making my way through them. I think I’ve reached the extent of my research — if you imagine it as a circle, it’s gotten to be as big as it’s going to get, and now I’m starting to fill it in. Continue reading

Mass Media and Foreign Policy – Ethan

Mass media and American foreign policy…. how does one even begin to narrow the focus of a project that considers a relationship of this magnitude?

Well, let’s start with what’s certain. I know that I want to write a paper. I also know that my independent is happening under the auspices of the history department, so a significant part of my paper would probably need to be devoted to combing through the history of America’s relationship with . . . which country? Never mind that, which region?

Continue reading