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Reflections on the First Semester of the Independent Seminar — Margaret

We are in the last weeks of the inaugural Independent Seminar. If you have been following this blog you know that each of the students involved is pursuing a very different passion. In mid-December they each wrote a final blog post and are now writing self-reflections as they put the finishing touches on their projects.

I have been trying to decide how to describe my role as it has evolved. What follows are some terms that do and don’t fit Continue reading

College gets in the way – by Tristan on his way to Hamilton College for a visit

“With college seeping away the time I have in the week, I have not had much time to write this post.  This week I will be writing at least three more pieces of poetry to be included within our book and tumblr page.  With little time left to write this I leave you with a poem for this week.” Continue reading

The Inaugural Independent Seminar


This fall eleven Westtown students will collaboratively pursue individual projects as a part of their regular academic load. To be accepted into the class each student developed a proposal, found a mentor outside of the Westtown faculty and staff, created a time line for the project, and asked for letters of support from department chairs, parents, and advisers. The selection committee included me, Upper School Principal Eric Mayer and Upper School Director of Studies Karen Gallagher. Continue reading