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One Down, One to Go – LH

Writing my first short story has been, in a word, transformative. As I explained in a previous post, writing made me think about belief and divinity in a completely different way than I had been. One of the most interesting parts was writing the ending. It went through several different stages, the first being a very awkward bit involving a lot of birds and some yelling (trust me, it didn’t work). Continue reading

Retrospection – LH

Here I am, soon to write my last scene. Writing this story has been quite a roller coaster, but one that I am proud to have taken on. From a story about a Zoroastrian spirit to a story about whether God is real, this project has indeed gone in some very different directions. And as I draw close to the end, I allow myself some retrospection. Continue reading

Divine Intervention? – Leo

I chose to title this blog post “Divine Intervention?” for two reasons. The first is that I was struck by an incredible flash of inspiration for my story. Over the weekend, I was hitting some pretty intense writer’s block. No matter where I tried to move the story, it ended up feeling forced. I tried a couple different continuations, but everything felt unsettled. Continue reading

Where To Now? – Leo

This week, I have struggled with where to take my young story. The first scene will remain as I had originally planned, i.e. finding the drowned man on the beach. However, from there I can take the story in any direction. I originally thought that John and Arash would drag the body to the clinic together, but instead, Arash runs away (as you will see later). Continue reading