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Accelerating Progress-Luke

This week we are really trying to move forward toward testing and trials. We’ve more or less abandoned our previous method of sterilizing water for the sake of efficiency and because the culture it yielded was no different then the non-sterile cultures. Because of the time saved by not sterilizing our water more Continue reading

Death of a Crab-Luke

Part 1: Death

Up to this point the project has gone without a hitch. Lately though certain setbacks in organization and preparedness have reared their ugly heads. As my lab partner and I chug along with the phytoplankton maintenance and our precious horseshoe crab, we notice that mollusks that have Continue reading

First Steps – Luke

Imagine an incalculable number of tiny plants that feed everything in the ocean and produce the air that we breathe. Tiny plants that could replace petroleum fuel, and even become a nutritional staple that ends hunger across the globe. Welcome to the world of phytoplankton.

Continue reading