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Week 10 – Final Prints! – Joseph

DSCN8056My final prints of the train are done!  I decided to do a series of prints keeping a consistent, black main image while altering the color of the insert.  I solved the registration problem by building a jig (pictured below) which has served me well.  Basically, I tape a sheet of paper to the top of the jig, ink the first (colored) block, and print.  Then, I lift up the paper keeping it attached to the jig, pull out the first block, substitute it with the second block (black), and print again.  Both blocks are positively aligned against the L shape, ensuring that their placement is consistent and therefore the image is printed correctly.

Week 3 – Linoleum Print Image Design – Joseph

_DSC0020Over the past two weeks, I have been working on developing an image to turn into a linoleum relief print.  The process of linoleum relief printing basically involves a linoleum block, which is carved with the desired image.  Ink is applied to the raised areas, and the image is printed, leaving areas which were carved away white.  Continue reading

First Post – Printmaking Expanded – Joseph

A sampling of my work being displayed at a Westtown gallery show last spring.

Some of my work being displayed at a Westtown gallery show last spring.

I decided to do an independent study in printmaking because I have discovered that I have a real passion for printmaking through the two times I have taken Westtown’s printmaking class.  For my independent seminar, Printmaking Expanded, I will spend time exploring printmaking techniques which are outside the scope of that class. Continue reading