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Purification Oasis Pools: An Equally Valuable Mistake, an Interesting Journey

Finally. My last blog post. This project has been an interesting journey for sure. Balancing the responsibility of an independent project with: getting into college, memorizing lines for a play, memorizing for another play, rehearsals for the first play, yet even memorizing for a third play (are you sensing a theme here?), working on scholarships, trying desperately to be interested in my statistics class, and finishing out the year at Westtown – making the most out of these last couple of weeks with my boarding school family; that balancing act sure has been tough. Continue reading

Purification Oasis Pools: This Ghat or that Ghat?

My first exposure to ghats was last summer in Pushkar, India. A ghat is a series of steps which lead down into a body of water, and the holy lake at Pushkar had more than a few. It was explained to me by a local Brahman that the lake is surrounded by 52 separate ghats, which are often used in religious rites. Continue reading

Purification Oasis Pools: Love is Blind

So to continue putting into perspective the absolute dire and catastrophic scale of the holy river’s pollution, consider the following: 50 or 500 fecal coliform per 100 ml of water is unsafe for drinking, and 5000 per 100 ml is the agricultural limit; the average count of the Ganges is 1-2 million per ml of water.

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Purification Oasis Pools: Bacteria, Viruses, Chemicals Oh My

Raw sewage, industrial chemicals, bacteria, and viruses would all have to be removed to create the kind of oasis I am envisioning. The purification system would have to be cheap, easily replaceable, and unobtrusive. I am hoping to create a space where people can safely worship, clean their clothes, swim, bath, and maybe even brush their teeth. That last bit might be tricky do to the sheer amount of pollutants. Continue reading

Bio-Gas in India: Testing this River Idea – Purification Oasis Pools

I’m sending tendrils into this river cleaning idea. This week held essentially two major breakthroughs – and one big question of timing. I have to cover a lot of ground as I rework this project, but I do believe with a smaller, better defined goal, I may be able to achieve this. W Continue reading

Bio-gas in India: Returning to the Drawing Board? Soon to be Clean the Ganges?

I have reached a point in my independent project which I always knew was a possibility, but which I was not necessarily expecting. Many business ideas are scrapped, many projects abruptly change course, many projects must be brought back to the drawing board. After a conversation with my mentor it is dawning on me that this is such a project. Continue reading

Bio-gas in India: Reviewing the Situation

So I have come to an interesting point in my research. There are a lot of people in India. A lot. 1.252 billion people to be exact – a statistic I have used in previous posts. With such huge impacts, it is hard to imagine that India’s sanitation and energy issues – crises of not only a country, but a country of 1.252 billion people – Continue reading

Bio-gas in India: Landslides

Wood is the primary source of biomass for fuel in India. According to the World Wildlife Fund “the total industrial round wood consumption in India could exceed 70 million m3 per year by the end of the decade (350,000 large shipping containers), while domestic supply would fall short of this figure by an estimated 14 million m3.” Continue reading

Bio-gas in India: Choices, Choices, Choices

In beginning to give physical form to this idea that has been floating in my head I needed to know more specifically how a Bio-Gas worked. When I set out on my researching campaign the answer to my question of “how do I build a Bio-Gas digester?” actually turned out to be another question:

Which type of Bio-Gas Digester is best for my project?”

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