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Recital on Friday – by Isabel

Wow, it has been a crazy journey leading up to the biggest performance of my life and I feel very accomplished and have learned so much. All of my hard work paid off and overall my recital went very well. Of course there were some problems but in general I was very happy with it. Now that it is over I feel a mix of emotions. I am relieved, sad, content and determined. It was so strange to not spend all of yesterday practicing and planning and instead just spending time with my family who were visiting. Continue reading

Practical Details – by Isabel

Much of my time up to this point has been spent practicing and figuring out what I am actually performing. As the date quickly approaches, I have been forced to face some of the trickier practical details. Many people comment on how scary it must be to fill a whole hour with performing all on my own. While I am nervous for the performance, I find it much scarier to plan every detail out on my own that to actually sing, dance, or play the piano. Continue reading

Dance Performance – by Isabel

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity of attending a musical theater convention called zak-pac. It was an incredible experience in so many ways and I learned so many quality lessons from truly inspirational people. I also got to perform a dance solo and get critiqued. This experience was very valuable as I have never performed a dance solo before. This was the best possible way to release possible nerves in a friendly and supportive environment and receive helpful suggestions.  Continue reading

Progress so far – by Isabel

I have accomplished a lot so far in my project. I am two pages away from learning all the notes for my piano pieces. I have mastered half of my songs for voice. I have also essentially figured out one dance, and have learned the first minute of my new solo. Already, I have grown so much as a performer in every aspect, but there is still much work to be done. Continue reading

Starting my dance solo — by Isabel

This Friday night, I was so excited to begin learning my dance solo. Together my teacher and I picked and edited a song: Manhattan by Sara Bareilles. This song is about the meaning of a place changing at different points of a relationship and I am beginning to study the lyrics to be able to relate better to the song. It was a great experience to be one on one with my dance teacher. She had an idea of choreography going in but we experimented with some parts and worked together to find what felt and looked best on me.

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College Supplements – by Isabel

I have been working on my college supplements and for one of them wrote a short piece about  my performing at Carnegie Hall last spring as a Silver winner in the Golden Key Musical Festival. I just wrote this recently, and have not finished editing but thought I could share it as part of my blog regardless:

Where I performed

Where I performed Weill Recital Hall of Carnegie Hall

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Piano practice – by Isabel

My Chopin piano concerto is probably one of my favorite pieces that I have ever worked on but is also definitely the most challenging. Certain sections are much easier than others which creates a strange balance. When playing through the piece, some parts sound much smoother than others. I gravitate towards polishing the easier sections because I feel more in control. Continue reading

Musical challenges

This week, I have been focussing my voice practice time to a certain piece that contains many difficult runs. These long strings of notes are not only difficult to master in terms of pitch, but they are also very long and require lots of breath control. It is important for every single note to be clearly heard but at the same time flow smoothly to the next note. A common technique to tackle this is to start out going through slowly and then quicken the pace slightly each time until it reaches the correct tempo. This has definitely helped, but there are many other factors in the way. Continue reading