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Def Jem Poetry at Westtown: Job Well Done – by Habeeb

Def Jam Poetry at Westtown on November 15th was a success. After the performance I was inundated with a substantial amount of praise and congratulations. After a week of rehearsing, people dropping in and out I was surprised by the good feedback we got from the audience. From the buzz I’m getting about the assembly the last performance by Keith Robertson seemed to resonate with the audience the most. The first part of his performance started off with a spoken word piece, which lead him into rap for the last part of his performance.  Continue reading

Around the Corner – by Habeeb

OH boy! As the weeks seem to fly by, our assembly date of November 15th is getting closer. For the next week both Tristen and my focus is primarily towards the performance. With a strong number of students from our Spoken Word Club, and outside appearances, things are looking up. During our club meeting on Tuesday students are to present two of their best pieces they plan to perform; as a club we’ll help members narrow it down to one. I’m looking forward to what aspects of relationships, students might focus on through their work. Continue reading

Preparations– by Habeeb

As of now Tristen and I are getting the spoken word club ready for the Friday Assembly taking place November 15th. On the side of all of that, Tristen and I are looking into a Bookstore located in Kennet Square that might have the supplies in order for us to self-publish, when it comes to paper, printing, a cover etc. Continue reading

New Perspectives by Habeeb

On Tuesday Tristen and I held a club meeting for spoken word. For a good portion of the time we went around the room listening to everyone’s work. As we made our way around it was kind of an eye opener to me listening to people’s perspectives and interpretations on different things; whether it came to their cat, or adversity that they’ve faced. Continue reading

Blueprint by Habeeb Onitiri

Throughout this week Tristen and I have been creating a blueprint for our book. As we’ve decided to make the book about a relationship between two people we’re almost finished with the beginning. As a story should have a timeline or a story line to  it, the beginning of the story will uncover all the good things about the start of their relationship. Continue reading

Brick Wall By Habeeb

It was pretty disappointing to not have too many people show up to spoken word club this past week. On Tuesday about 7-10 people  showed up, which wasn’t too much of a surprise  considering the amount of athletic games thImageat took place. For those that were able to make it, we spent our time watching videos by other spoken word artists. It gave people in the club a sense of variations to spoken word. Continue reading

Unspoken Word: Challenge Us – By Habeeb

Now that we’re situated with our club, our tumblr website, and the theme of our book; Tristen and I are both making moves toward fundraising. Raising money for the publication of our book will be the hardest part of the whole process. With publishing our book, this week some of our work will be put out for people to see. In a way the people who read our work gives them a sense of our writing, how we write, and what we write about. Continue reading

A Successful Week – By Habeeb

A successful week this was for both Tristen and I to kick off spoken word. At the end of the Club Fair this past Tuesday, we were dumbfounded by the amount of students who signed up for Spoken Word. We had about 45 people, ready to share and listen. I doubt that exact number of people will show up, but it was astounding to know that this many people take interest in spoken word. To follow up; on Wednesday after our performance at community sharing, we were acknowledged by a standing ovation, by both peers and faculty. Continue reading

This Week’s Unspoken Word — by Habeeb

To this point Tristen and I have been working on our performance for community dinner at Westtown this week. So far I’m pretty excited; this will be our first performance at school, and introduction about plans to self publish. With that, we intend to introduce our tumblr blog to students at Westtown. With this video blog we’re expecting to get students who are interested, to challenge us to write poems about something specific, or ask us questions about poetry/spoken word. We have high hopes for the page; in a way its an approach to get the community engaged in spoken word.

Continue reading