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Japanese education conceptions –Eric

My posts have been describing the difference of the educations but now I am going to explore the ideas and concepts behind the scenes. In Japanese society, academics are considered to be the most important aspect of kids’ growth. There is no doubt that academics are very important, but Japanese parents see it in a difference way. Parents see it as an absolute obligation and they need to push their children as hard as possible to achieve the goal, which is to get in the top ranked high school and university.

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Westtown Lower School part 1 – by Eric

During this past week, I visited Westtown Lower School for a day. I truly felt the great energy from the children in Lower School and I first want to thank the teachers and students for being so welcoming. The kids were really innocent and they were extremely approachable in comparison to teenagers like me. I am now going to provide my observations on Lower School on Thursday, November 14, 2013. Continue reading

Japanese kids part two

  Following up from the last post, it’s very common for kids in kindergarten to stay after the school is over. Japanese parents generally need to work until five o’clock. Kids in the kindergarten generally play around in the playground until six. Some kindergartens offer different extracurricular courses for the kids. Music lessons such as piano and violin are commonly seen in various places. Continue reading

New start! Comparing differences – by Eric

As I mentioned last week, I am close to schedule a day of visit each to lower school and middle school to observe how the schedules go and the atmosphere of the classes. The three main points I am going to focus on are the schedule of a day including the variety of classes they take, the interaction between students and teachers, and what most students do after classes have ended. I believe I can obtain many interesting and polarizing information to compare to those of Japan. While I am looking forward to go visit at least one place this week, I would like to introduce the basic schedule of Japanese kindergarten.

Japanese parents, just like all parents, want their kids to get the best education possible, so they start sending their kids as young as 1 year old to kindergarten. Continue reading

Educational difference – by Eric

Starting from September, I have read through a wide range of information including several books about the general information of Japanese public education and I constantly drew comparison with American education system. Personally grew up in Taiwan, I have experienced Asian education and the pressure that comes with the atmosphere. I found  the information of those in Japan struck a chord with me. High academic expectations, parents’ attitude towards academics and extra curricular activities and etc. Education systems in these two different countries emphasize very different and contrasting things in different level of education.

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Friends education- by Eric

During the past two weeks, I have explored the pedagogy and the values of several Pennsylvania Quaker school. Before moving on to introduce the basic and planning and the strategic plans of the schools, I find it appropriate to discuss about the history of Quaker education in PA. Continue reading

Friends’ School education- week 2- by Eric

Following up from last week’s general information concerning the introduction of Friends’ School in PA, I have more research this week on the “Mission Statement” of the four Friends Schools. The statement is very important because it tells us what the school values the most and how will the community works as a whole. Continue reading

Educational difference week 4 – by Eric

After thinking over my topic of my research, I have decided to narrow my comparison of education down. Different from the comparison before, I am going to compare Friends’ School’s education to Japan’s public education. Having read a lot of background information and general comparison between US and Japan education, I found it impossible to analyze the indefinite variability of this broad topic. I am a current student in Westtown School, PA. I found this kind of education very different from the public school system. Furthermore, there are a couple of Friends’ School around the area and they all have a similar education system. Next, I am going to demonstrate special aspects of a Friends’ School education. I have looked through Friends’ Central, Abington Friends, Germantown Friends, and Westtown School’s website and found a few things in common.

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Educational difference – by Eric

This week I stopped reading books for a while and started to compile data and compare them to the education in US. There are seriously infinite things to talk about and compare. Starting from kindergarten, parents have different attitudes towards what kids should learn. The schedule is different and what subject and how they are taught differ in various ways too. Continue reading

Educational difference week 3

While I am finishing reading “The Learning Gap” and starting on a new book “The Japanese Education System”, I found the environment growing and changing really rapidly. Besides reading the books, I have also checked some recent news studies of American researchers in Asia. I believe researchers must have a sense of contradiction. Although all tests and examinations show that average Asian students have more academic knowledge than the average of American students, Asian students rarely like their education. Continue reading