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Plugging Away – by Emma

Coming out of my previous mishap with my work, I am starting to push on a bit stronger. The work that I missed over those two weeks did seem like a lot at first, but after consulting with my mentor and examining it throughly, I have been able to make some considerable dents in working to completing it. I am now on a six week plan of writing. Continue reading

Progress Pushed… – by Emma

As I am finding out, college applications and I are not exactly friends. Seeing as they are taking up a good portion of my time at the moment, it seems that my independent work has been pushed to the back burner slightly. I had been so consumed with making everything surrounding my applications perfect that I did not even notice the lack of work I was receiving from my mentor. Continue reading

Work Interrupted – by Emma

Somehow, I always get sick at the most inopportune times. On the morning of the day of my last night class, I fell ill and spent all day in the health center. Not only did this cause me to miss my final class, but it set me behind in some of my work from the week as well. I am working now to complete my missed assignments, and am confident I will have them done by the end of the weekend. My mentor assured me that by missing my last class I would not see a significant dent in my work, because our outside work was so similar to that which we worked on in the actual night course. Continue reading

Progress Report – by Emma

As my project has gone along, I have learned quite a few things. Many of them were academic, but a few were about myself as well. The entire experience thus far has been enlightening to say the least, and I can’t wait to continue opening new doors for myself through my personal writing and my classes. Continue reading

Age Old Wisdom – by Emma

This past Monday I finally had my first course at Henderson! As I mentioned in earlier blogs, part of my course work is to take a three week long night class outside of school that is taught by my mentor. It is designed to be slightly more writing intensive than my week to week assignments, involving actual one on one interaction and a classroom atmosphere. Continue reading

College – by Emma

As I’ve moved through this project, I realized that some of my efforts to keep college writings and independent writings separate were just not going to work. As a result, I’ve combined a few assignments. College essays are very prevalent this time of year. They give you an opportunity to show who you really are outside of the transcripts and SAT scores. Continue reading

Dictated Creativity

Writing a creative piece with previously set character lines is a difficult thing. The point of a truly creative work is to come up with the entirety of it all on your own, not be limited to the guidelines of other people’s speech. When you are, it puts an entirely new light on your writing, having to build the words around bits and pieces that you already have instead of just putting down whatever comes into your head. Continue reading

Overcoming Roadblocks – by Emma

Writing on a regular basis has never been my thing. Writing on a day to day basis however, is even harder. I’ve been struggling a bit to keep up with my timing and organization for this project. Between college essays, applications, senior project proposals, and regular school work, it has been easy for me to lose my independent assignments in the midst of it all. Scheduling has never been a strong suit of mine, but I am hoping to change that this year. Continue reading

Childhood Links — by Emma

This week, my mentor asked me to do something a little different. She requested that I rewrite the ending of my favorite childhood story, improving it in any way I saw fit. She asked me to identify the story and the specific way I remembered it. It seemed like an easy task, but changing something that you have as a dear memory is indeed difficult. Continue reading