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Debugging -Chester

Debugging is one of the most important parts during a software development. As a tradition, engineers name their first product the Alpha version. This is the first version which direct comes from engineers without any testing. Then there is a set of tests the product has to go through in order to make sure it meets all the requirements. In our life, we can always see things in Beta version of a product. This version has usually go through the Alpha phase which indicates that is has met all the requirements. Beta tests gives engineers feedback  directly from users. This will provide some ideas on how to improve the program.  Continue reading

Reflection on Harvard MIT Math Tournament

Last week, the Westtown School Math Team attended the Harvard MIT Math Tournament. During the tournament a seminar is offered called  linguisticless linguistics.  This linguisticsless linguistics seminar talks about how people can sometimes understand a language they have never seen before with a few hints. The concept and logic behind this could be used in the computer science world.

Continue reading

Connection between the interfaces — by Chester

One of the requests that the weekend coordinator made is that he wishes to have a drop down box for all the weekend duty crew list. Because of the way the data base is set up right now which is to have the event list independent from the weekend list, it hard to accomplish the object. Here are some solutions that I have came up: Continue reading

In the program I am writing for Westtown’s Weekend Program, I am using Java as the main language for the backstage layer. Since its an object-oriented program, the program of course consists of a couple of objects. There are two main objects that are essential to the program. One is the class of Event. Each event instance is created whenever a new event, either standard or non-standard event is needed. Continue reading

Database Structure

3819738662_fbdebd54be_m(1)In this project, the most important part is of course the database. All other layers as mentioned in the last post are in the program to deal with the data.

Right now, I am using a static class to contain all the information. My plan is for every database, the program will generate a text file to contain all the information. Continue reading

Program stucture – by Chester

This week I worked on the structure of the program. This program for Westtown’s weekend coordinator has 3 layers. The first layer is the interface. The functions of the interfaces are the following:

To take human input, inter-operate the data if it’s simple

To pass on the data to the next layer

To show the data that’s already there Continue reading