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This week I refocused and was able to get a lot done. The catalyst to my productive week was deciding on a date for my actual study to take place with the History Department head. I’m going to administer my test to the Peace and Justice classes at Westtown in the first week of November, giving me enough time to analyze the data.  Continue reading


In my past few blog posts, I have written a lot about my topic and vision, but very little about my actual process. Although this research is rewarding, it’s difficult to balance with regular school work, college applications, and outside commitments. I have been trying my absolute best, but this week, every hour spent seemed like a battle.  Continue reading

Facial Recognition Training (week 3)

In my previous blog post, I mentioned a form of implicit bias training called facial recognition training. I chose to study facial recognition training because not only is this method one of the most interesting, but it has been used previously with children of young ages and law enforcement. Pretty neat, huh? Continue reading

Implicit Bias: Why I Care and Why You Should, Too (week one) -Alyssa Rowshan

While forming a proposal for my research project last year, I could hardly contain my excitement. I wanted to have a profound effect on my community and the world around me. I knew that I was about to embark on a very interesting, and more importantly, meaningful journey. However, discussion of the topic for my independent research project, implicit bias, typically evokes a response of confusion or insincere interest. Continue reading