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Assistant Teaching- Alec Barbera

As my observations wrap up, and my time in middle school is coming to a close, I have realized many things about the whole teaching process, the students in the class, and especially about myself. I have seen many classes and have a strong understanding of what it means to be a teacher forĀ  young adolescents. Because of this journey that I haven’t even hit the halfway mark in, I have found what it means for me to find a career, and I believe I have found that career in its entirety. Continue reading

Assistant Teaching- Alec B.

My whole goal in my project is to be able to see every grade between middle and lower schools. I want to know what it’s like being a teacher in all different directions. So far, I have only been in sixth grade English. I do not have problem with this whatsoever, but I believe it is time for me to move onto a different grade level and expand my horizons. Continue reading

Assistant Teaching- Alec

After my big, or to me what seemed big, assignment leading a class, things seemed to have calmed down. Perhaps it was just me, but it appeared that after the students put heavy thought into this assignment, they were ready to continue their normal class schedule, which was perfectly fine. I believe that after I lead this one activity, I was fully comfortable with the entire class because I had broken a barrier between just an observer in the class and being a true member of the class.

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Assistant Teaching – Alec

My time in the 6th grade classroom is quickly becoming a part of me in that I am connecting with the kids much more now. I feel like they trust me now and they are much more comfortable with asking me questions and having me help them. I feel more and more that this is no longer just a project, but something that makes me get up in the morning and smile while walking through the entrance of the middle school.

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Assistant Teaching – Alec B

As I delve deeper into my project, I see that I am progressing at a much quicker rate than I had expected. I was planning on taking activities on myself towards the end of my time in this classroom, but now I am almost fully immersed in the class.

I took on an assignment that T. Lisa had already started. I hadn’t known the kids that much and I asked T. Lisa if I could develop a small writing assignment about what the students like to know them a little better. Luckily, this kind of activity was already in action. What she had the students lined up for was a blog post called Seesaw that was connected with another sixth grade English Continue reading

Assistant Teaching – Alec

The start of my independent project goes all the way back to my 7th grade English class. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that class would become my inspiration to pursue education as my interest of study. I was so enthralled in that teacher’s style that it never left my mind. He made that class hands on, which is not something I thought was possible in an English class. Continue reading