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My progress, and what still lies ahead-Ainsley


The photograph above is of my progress thus far- I’ve gotten a lot done, but I still have a ways to go until the piece is complete. I have had a minor setback in the last week of my work, because the computer that my reference photos were on broke (I should have the pictures back in a few days) but during this time I have only been able to work on the background.

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Just Keep Painting


I’ve gotten a lot done since my project began. I’ve gotten a space approved, created and edited a mural design, had meetings and found funding for supplies, stretched and gessoed a canvas, and started to paint. Reflecting on this progress in relation to the timeline I made at the beginning of the semester, at this point I’m only slightly behind where I hoped to be.

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Beginning to Paint


I’ve made a lot of progress in these past two weeks: I have finished the drawing on my canvas (see picture above), met with facilities about installing the piece, ordered my supplies, and started to paint. Right now the painting that I am doing is mostly just washed of color, so that I can get something down onto the canvas. It won’t be until the supplies I ordered come in that I start on some of the more detail work, because the paint I have access to currently isn’t the brand or palette that I am looking to work with.

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Calluses and Inspiration


This week there were a lot of exciting new developments on my mural project. I got a frame for my canvas, pictures of more dancers for my subject matter, and the funding for my supplies. The frame came from the scene shop, where Teacher Sarah Sullivan just happened to have an extra 6′ x 12′ frame lying around, to get more pictures, I visited elements rehearsal on Wednesday night, and for the funding I met with Ted Lutkus in the finance department and found a fund from the endowment that the money could come from. All of this was really exciting, but the most fun part about this week was the actual act of stretching and priming the canvas.

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The art of being flexible

This week (week 3) I was finally able to have my meeting about getting the space approved for my mural. We were able to agree on the location (the lower level of the library), but facilities would rather me paint on a large canvas than on the wall. Of course, as soon as this was said my heart sank. I really wanted to paint on the wall, but knowing I had to be flexible if I wanted to be able to start painting anytime soon, I agreed.

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Art in Communities

Art is one of the most important things in my life. For me, art has the power to inspire deep emotions and feelings that words are never able to express. As time has gone on, I’ve also begun to think about ways that art can become less solitary, and more communal because of how important community has become for me at Westtown. Continue reading