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Week 3 – Aidan

This week I didn’t focus on just one skill or technicality! I worked on many different songs, making incredible headway on many projects I’ve been procrastinating on recently. Unfortunately, I legally cannot show you all I did this week or else the record labels who I’m doing these songs for will kick my ass, but I still have 4 songs that I’m very proud of to share with you: Continue reading

Week 1 – Aidan

This week I spent a lot of time on the performing side of my independent seminar. Since I’m performing a Dj set on Friday, I had to brush up on my Traktor 2 Skills. I’d pulled the I’ll delve into what all of this is in this week’s post!

Djing is crucial for any electronic musicians nowadays, since the only way to make money is really off of touring and playing shows if you’re an artist. Djing is pretty easy, but pulls many skills from production that I already had learned; rhythm management, effecting, tempo matching, and making sure audio quality is optimal. Continue reading