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Music Blogging Week 9- Amanda

I didn’t get to do too much this week since my editor has been very busy and a little unresponsive. I’ve found a few new songs that I’m really excited about and I’ve sent them over to him, but I haven’t gotten any responses yet. I hope to write about a song called ‘Fahrenheit’ by XY&O, but I have to wait for the approval from my editor. I spent my time looking for music this week since I haven’t written in a little while. Hopefully my editor will respond to me soon since I’d like to write a feOctober16w reviews this coming week to take a little break from my research. I feel like I’ve become a little disconnected from all the new music that’s being released since I’ve been focusing on research. I’d like to take next week to look at all the albums that have come out in October and keep an eye out for new SoundCloud releases. A lot of music has come out recently and I want to give it a listen. The picture I’ve placed here is a few albums that came out on October 16, so there’s a lot of catching up to do. If my editor gets back to me, I should be able to write a lot in the upcoming week.

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Music Blogging Week 5- Amanda

With late starts, weird schedules, and the college application process I didn’t have as much time to dedicate to my work this week. Since everything in my schedule was so hectic, I decided to make my work for this a little less intense so I spent most of my time looking on SoundCloud for something to write about. I haven’t had much luck with finding music in the last few weeks, but one band I’ve beenHUNNY_EP_ART following released a new EP this week that I really like. They’re called HUNNY and I’ve written about
one of their singles before. I’ll bounce it off my
editor this upcoming week after I listen to it a few more times and think of what I could say about it.
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Music Blogging Week 2- Amanda

This week, I spent more time looking through SoundCloud to find some music that grabs my attention. I found more songs outside of my usual interest which was neat for me. Usually I like songs that are more toward the electronic side of indie rock, but more guitar-driven or hip hop songs were piquing my interest. Continue reading

Music Blogging- Amanda

Hi! My name is Amanda Covaleski and I’ll be spending this semester writing for a wonderful music blog, When the Gramophone Rings, and researching what makes a review effective and engaging. I started writing for WTGR last December after I decided that I would love to try combining two of my favorite things; writing and music. I’ve written 10 articles so far (which you can read here) and hope to write many more this semester. Continue reading