Fashion as Armor 4 – Bay

On my previous blog post(blog 3: Natural Armor), I explored bodily protection that has occur in nature, such as, turtle shell, armadillo covering and the colorful skin of a poison dart frog. Nature has its own way of coming up with its own perfect design through evolution, and these following design that I came up with is my perfect idea of fashion as natural armor.

For my designs, I would like my garments and accessories to be transformable and play with the idea of metamorphosis. As in nature, every living organism will do whatever it takes to survive and protect themselves from danger, that’s why a lot of the features are very flexible in term of their purposes.

Figure 1: Poison Dart Dress

For this particular design I got inspiration from the infamous poison dart frog. The bottom is very colorful to mimic the color of the frog and the top is in black because of how deathly these frogs are. It might sound pretentious but the I chose to have a very high cut in front because it will definitely caught a lot of attention, like the poison dart frog, a very tiny creature but a very big attention catcher. Sheer black chiffon and mesh will be use for the top and for the skirt a firmer and stiffer fabric.

Figure 2: Hidden Paradise Dress

For this design, I got my inspiration from bird of paradise, they have the most ostentatious bodily decoration; however, the most extra bodily embellishments usually shown exclusively when they are trying to mate. This might seem out of place because these features uses to attract mate but not actually for physical protection, but I think reproduction is one of the most important aspect of survival. The dress is constructed in a very normal shape because the bird is normal look normal and the slit in the back and put in bright pink fabric in the back and it is going to be layered chiffon.

Figure 3: Paradise Dress

This is one of the most in-your-face dress for this design, which was inspired by bird of paradise and armadillo. Bird of paradise inspired me to design a very ostentatious dress, it is fluffy and big. Armadillo inspired the material part of this dress, I am thinking about using fiberglass instead of actual fabric because the covering of an armadillo are made of keratin which is flexible and at the same time very strong.

Figure 4: Albino turtle dress

This design is a very simple tuxedo dress; however, the lace pattern is going to be derived from an albino turtle. For me, padded shoulder makes the person who wears the garment look strong, that’s why I designed a padded shoulders for these tux dress because it represent the strenght of turtle’s shell. I chose an albino turtle because it is very rare and stunning, and I feel as though a strong and stunning person are not easy to find in this world, so they whould be wearing what represent them.

All photo/designs were provided by Bay Chaitrakulthong ’19

4 thoughts on “Fashion as Armor 4 – Bay

  1. Yuchen Cao

    I’m very impressed by your designs! I love how you explain the ideas behind each design and how they are all related to nature and metamorphism in particular. Are you planning to make any of these desings into an actual dress? or have other plans for them? I really look forward to your next post and your final project!

  2. baitingz

    Hi Bay, I really appreciate your designs! I particularly love how you get ideas from animals and use contrasts in each of your outfit. I am not professional in this field but I do notice the first two of them are in high contrast colors and the last two are more unified in colors. Furthermore, not only did you tried to find the shape, but also the spirit behind each animal and each design. I have the same question as Yuchen, are you trying to make some these dresses? Furthermore, if it is not too much of a work for you, I think it will be better if you include a link when you talk about the materials you plan to use. It can just be one link that leads to a website that includes all different materials! For people who are not familiar with the field like me, I believe more information on the fabrics will help!

  3. bessgoldstein


    I am so happy that I am finally able to see your designs for this project. I really appreciated the process you took to research and understand while utilizing your knowledge of fashion. I feel that these designs represent what you are trying to convey very well. My one question is what will you do with these designs? Is there a plan?

    Thank you for blessing my eyes with these designs, I’m very happy for you. You have so much talent!

  4. sabrina.schoenborn

    These drawings look amazing! I love how your designs incorporate softness as well as hardness. The sharp angles match really well with the lace and the roundness of the dresses! I also love how much of you I see within these designs – your personality flows through them incredibly well! Will these be made into real dresses? What would that process look like? Keep up the amazing work!


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