Reflection+ New Work -Bess

After some reflection and review of my timeline for this semester, I decided not to research the additional poet I was planning on researching, as I want to get started with my work as soon as possible. Personally, I feel that from learning about Ezra Pound and Langston Hughes, I accomplished my goals of

  • Learning some history about poetry
  • Exploring new writing styles
  • Understanding the difference between purpose and tension in a poem

I would like to start off my new posts regarding my work by telling you all about my spring break experience. During my time in California when I was not volunteering, I was spending a lot of time writing and learning from my surroundings. There was a spoken word open mic every Tuesday called Word Humboldt, close to where I was staying, and I went for three nights. The first night while I was there I felt moved to perform some of my old poetry, and it got a positive reaction from the audience.

My first night performing at Word Humboldt.

As I continued to attend these open-mics, I listened to the other, older performers and took some notes. From them I learned a lot about form and how to incorporate it into a performance. I also learned about the importance of purpose, and how every writer utilizes it differently. (It was really inspiring)

The members of Word Humboldt were extremely kind and gave me a lot of inspiration to help write more. One gave me a book, another even wrote me a poem to help with inspiration.

Poem by a friend at Word Humboldt

So after learning and getting inspiration from older writers, I had the opportunity and time to branch out and write differently, and even perform it! The reaction was immense pride not only from my friends but also of myself, knowing that I can accomplish multiple types of writing.

My final night performing at Word Humboldt

My Poems and Goal

So I have decided for my final project, I will present a printed book of a collection of my poetry. In this chapbook I will have approximately 14 pieces, and my goal is to have a similar theme and purpose tying the poems throughout the book. Hopefully, I will incorporate my learnings from Ezra and Langston with their use of

  • Imagery
  • Tension/purpose
  • Form

So far, I have a good amount of poems written, but not perfected, for my book. I am in the process of editing and taking time to look at each poem with my mentor Chelsea and other teachers.

I’d like to share a poem that I’ve been working on that will most likely be in my final book. It’s called “Phases”.

The form here was originally supposed to be a Ghazal poem, which is a poem that has a repeated word at the end of two line stanzas. However, as I explored my purpose for writing this piece, (which is sexual assault), I wanted to utilize a form that highlighted that purpose the best, so I used a free form rhyming technique. I wanted to hold the tension of this through a metaphor of a woman and the moon. I’m currently working on this piece with my mentor, but if anyone has any notes or reactions to it please, let me know!

I will continue to update you all on pieces that are being worked on, the process of my portfolio, and so on. If you want to check out my poetry website, its here,

4 thoughts on “Reflection+ New Work -Bess

  1. Yuchen Cao

    Hi Bess, I’m impressed by how you are engaging in poetry in very different ways and are working towards your final project. I think it would be great if you could share some of your poem with the Westtown community. I hope that you will continue to explore and create in college.

  2. sabrina.schoenborn

    I am at a loss for words – the work and the poetry you create is incredibly well written and ties into who you are perfectly. I would love to see a few pages from your book and give us a sneak peek! Have you thought about publishing and where you go after finishing? Everyone should read your work -it is truly, truly exceptional. Keep up the great work!

  3. nscavalieri

    Bess, I can’t get over how beautifully put your poems and post are. The way that you incorporate your personal actions, stories, and beliefs into your work and posts is impeccable. I als olove how you put images of yourself doing these great things too. Keep up the amazing progress!!!


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