Managing Algal Growth and Plan Moving Forward – Nick

    The last two weeks have been pretty slow compared to the rest of the time in the experiment. This is because the main focus of the past weeks have mainly been algae control and tank cleanliness. This has been difficult to maintain because the local aquarium does not have any snails in stock.

There was a lot of work that was put into maintaining the tanks in the past two weeks. This is because the algae that is growing in the tanks is thriving really well in this environment. However, this isn’t exactly a bad thing because this particular algae is good for the growth of the corals and shows that life can be maintained.

The addition of the snails would be crucial to the environment because just another biotic filter in the ecosystem. Having more snails will not only eat the physical algae, but just having the snails in there would mean that every time they breath, they are naturally filtering the water to help manage the turbidity.

The last thing that occurred this week was I decided that I need to switch the filters that I run through the filters. This was because the filters that I am using right now are not adequately filtering out the algae and other debris. The new filters are twice as thick and twice as fine. This means that the water will be filtered more regularly without human input.

The next weeks bring a lot of work because I will be travelling to Key Largo, FL to volunteer at the Coral Restoration Foundation to help wok on the coral farms in the Atlantic. This means that volunteers will working on managing my tanks and taking tests on the water.


3 thoughts on “Managing Algal Growth and Plan Moving Forward – Nick

  1. sabrina.schoenborn

    It is interesting to see your details become to form and see something as little as snails make such a difference! I’m so excited that you will be receiving help and have volunteers with your tan – Keep up the great work!

  2. baitingz

    Hi Nick, I see that you think your project is slowing down but I am glad that you found the solution! One thing I like about your blog is I can actually learn some knowledge through reading. Like how snails would affect the water environment, including that fact that they are filtering water every time they breath. Since you mentioned about replacing the current water filter, I have a question about the difference between snails and artificial water filters. Can the problem be solved by simply putting more or stronger filters? If not, is there anything special about the filtering ability of the snails? I think these are valuable questions to ask and research on! Also, please certainly keep us updated on your plan of solving this filtering problem and the results!

  3. Yuchen Cao

    Hi Nick, I think it is wonderful that you are moving forward and finding solutions for the problems and at the same time asking more valueble questions. Biology experiments often take a lot of patience. It would be amazing if you could share some photos of your tank and some data with us so that we get a clearer picture of how things are going.


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