So…I’m Back to Being Stalker…

Last year during our first semester, I wrote a blog titled I’m becoming a professional stalker… where I talk about how I have turned into a stalker trying to accomplish two goals: find extraordinary candidates to interview for The Girl Narrative and find their contact information (creepy I know). Now, in our third semester, I am going back to that as I find new girls to interview while transcribing previous interviews (you’ll see a blog about that later).

The Girl Narrative seeks to find and uplift extraordinary young women, particularly young women who have done grassroots movements and projects that have not been picked up by the greater media (though The Girl Narrative is not only for these types of girls). Because of this, finding their contact information can be difficult and can call for some pretty deep google search holes. My process, though, for finding and gaining their contact information remains similar to how I have done this work in the past.

Here is my process:

Step One: Gather Some Names

Whether it is through a girl reaching out to us, a previous interviewee nominating a girl, or through articles like 31 Extraordinary Women Under 31, I get a list of girls that I believe would lead to fantastic interviews for The Girl Narrative and place them all within a google sheet, organizing them by things like age, country of inhabitance, and reason.

Step Two: Get. Some. Numbers.

Next comes the….interesting part. Once I have their names, I scour the web for an email or a phone number. This process can range from me going to their social media page or website and finding their email, to going digging for hours until I find something on a school website or on a family member’s Facebook page (I go DEEP). Not only, though, does this digging help me get in contact with them, but can also lead to an interesting tangent within their article/interview!

Step Three: Reach Out

So…now that I know WAY too much about them by trying to find their contact info, I reach out to these young women and ask if they (and their parents, as they need their parents to sign our release form) would be interested in being interviewed and having their interview published.


This process is the prologue to a long chapter of work that goes into each interview. From getting their name, to getting their contact, to reaching out, to interviewing them, to getting out legal paperwork filled out, to transcribing, to getting photos, to writing the actual article, to editing, to web designing, to publishing the process for creating our content is extensive, but I am so excited to continue that process for our third semester and share our progress and process with you all!

Sabrina Schoenborn

CEO & Founder of

The Girl Narrative


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1 thought on “So…I’m Back to Being Stalker…

  1. ninayichenwei

    Great update! I love how you introduced your process of finding candidates to interview. For readers who are interested/unfamiliar with starting a nonprofit, this post would be a very helpful introduction! I look forward to reading your next post and seeing where this search process has led you.


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