Our Second Half-Year Goals

This past semester, we focused on our legal foundation, grant writing, and our new and old partners. Now, here, we will go into our newest goals, projects, and ideals for the upcoming half-year and how we plan to accomplish these goals.

logo5-10 New Main Articles

Though this goal is ambitious, but we hope to interview, transcribe, and post 5-10 more articles under the main page of our website, the Hear Our Girls page. We will be continuing to use This would lead us to get in contact, interview, transcribe, and write 1-2 articles per month in addition to the other content we hope to produce.


Update and Expand Our Website

We hope, through this upcoming semester, to update and add more informative content to our site such as our origin story, our purpose, and other pages that can demonstrate who we are and what we do to our audience. Putting up pages like Our Mission, Resources, Photos, and more are going to help enrich our website, give it a more professional feel, and give our audience a chance to engage with our site more.



In this next half of this year, we hope to start posting weekly blogs on our site; some of these blogs will be articles, some will be podcasts, and some will be videos of myself and maybe others. These blogs will look at the behind-the-scenes action of The Girl Narrative, our goals for the future, and will help us further engage with our audience through different mediums and media.

Social Media

Continuing and growing our social media is another one of our goals for this half-year. This includes keeping to our strict schedule of posing at least once every other day or once a day and being active on our accounts (liking and commenting on other posts). We will be continuing to use Tailwind to schedule our posts and maintain our following.

We are incredibly excited to continue the work that we have been doing and focus on these goals for the upcoming half-year!


Sabrina Schoenborn

CEO & Founder of

The Girl Narrative

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