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Today, The Girl Narrative released our November addition: our article with the extraordinary young activist Leah Juliett. The following blog will talk a little bit about who Leah Juliett is and why I decided to interview them.

Who is Leah Juliett?

download (1)Leah Juliett (they/them ) is a non-binary 21-year-old student, actor, and activist from Connecticut, and is the founder of the March Against Revenge Porn Movement and the National LGBTQ+ Townhall.

The March Against Revenge Porn is a “cyber-civil organization” started by a young, queer survivor for other survivors of varying identities. Their intention behind the organization is to “combat revenge porn through federal lobbying, cyber-sex-education, and a series of nationwide protests.”

3E7DED2B00000578-4339424-image-a-39_1490216275801Leah is an extraordinary young person who I loved interviewing but had a heartbreaking story that is all-too-common and hard to hear: At around age 15, private, nude photos of Leah were posted online after they shared them with a boy they were interested in. Once they sent him the nude pictures, he fell out of interest with them: “he no longer wanted to talk to me, and we stopped corresponding.” Soon after, Leah did something to upset him, and he said that he would ruin their life, and he proceeded to share the photos (nude ones) with boys in their school and then posted them on a website called AnonIB. “…My nude photos were associated with my name and my town and my state, so you could pretty much go to my town and find me.”

Leah has used their story to create a movement where they and others fight for legislation to criminalize revenge porn in all 50 states. Despite the gender bias they face, Leah has paved the way for revenge porn legislation and the overall right to govern one’s body.

Why did I decide to interview them?

Despite the fact that Leah Juliett is breaking countless boundaries, they do not identify as a female. So why would I interview them for The GIRL Narrative? The answer is simple: Revenge Porn mainly involves women.

A majority of the people affected by revenge porn are women who have recently left heterosexual relationships. However, Leah made it clear that revenge porn can and does happen to anyone. Many of the places, though, where revenge porn flourishes are filled with slut-shaming and degrading comments (towards women). “It is inherently a gendered and sexualized crime,” Leah explained to me, “and it needs to stop.”


download (2)

Though I want my interviews to be by and for young girls, I feel as though this is something I need my audience to see. After Leah was first victimized by revenge porn, they did not know (and many women do not know) that it was a crime. And so, they would google search, “naked pictures leaked online, what do I do?” all they would find is people who basically said that they had gone through the same thing, but that they had lost their jobs or had gotten kicked out of school or had to hide forever and could never become anything.

Leah told me that they felt instantly contained and that so many survivors of revenge porn think that they cannot continue with their lives after this has happened to them; Leah created the movement to show that that idea is fundamentally untrue.

We came together to tell young girls that their body is theirs and that you should have the power to dictate who and when someone sees it. This MUST be non-negotiable.

If you are interested in reading more about Leah Juliett or about the March Against Revenge Porn, you can read my full article here!

Sabrina Schoenborn
CEO & Founder of
The Girl Narrative


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