Genitourinary Cancer Research: a setback – Dhillon


(University Seal [Photograph]. (n.d.). Retrieved from West Chester University

I thought it would be smooth sailing after Thanksgiving break, and I could begin my research. However, after meeting with T. Mariska who brought into light some issues. We have decided to push back research till after Winter break. During our meeting, we discussed possibilities regarding storage as well as the length it would take to culture my cells. After further discussions, we have established that it may be best for me to begin research after winter break. This is because of the short turnaround between Thanksgiving and Winter Break. The estimated cost of the needed FBS (Fetal Bovine Serum), NBT-ii cell line, and the medium is about $1,189.00.


EntFetal Bovine Serum [Photograph]. (n.d.). Retrieved from


Although this is yet another setback in my research, I will be searching for alternative ways of storage and storage facilities to use in hopes of being able to culture the cells after Thanksgiving break (rather than waiting till after winter break) and then storing them over the course of Winter Break. The only means of storage for the nbt-ii cell line is through liquid nitrogen vapor. In hopes of accelerating the process of my research, I will be searching for a facility that has a liquid nitrogen vapor storage tank. In hopes of starting my research, I have reached out to Dr. Giovanni Casotti, who is the head of the Biology department at West Chester University. Along with troubleshooting this problem, I have also finalized and submitted my application for a grant from Westtown School, in hopes of alleviating some of the cost if I do have to purchase the cell culture material multiple times (which was not factored into my initial budget).



1 thought on “Genitourinary Cancer Research: a setback – Dhillon

  1. Jason Ono

    Your initiative and passion for your research are always admirable. As I’ve been following your research progress over the semester, however, I often saw you facing setbacks for your initial research plan. In addition to dealing with the procedural issues to be solved, do you think you can maybe find ways to continue some basic research to either fast forward your future researches to come or deepen your understanding of your material you are studying?


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