What Makes a Game Great – Dylan

This week we took a break from the technical practice and stepped in to a new realm. What truly makes a game fun to play? In class this week we talked about game design, less about creating a game, and more about designing one. In class we sat and discussed, what made our favorite games special, and what did we dislike about them?

Most people chose series of many games, or a single game that has been updated over several years, which allowed us to discuss our likes and dislikes over time.  People mostly chose well enjoyed series like Animal Crossing or Fallout. I personally chose the Pokemon DS games as well as World of Warcraft (WoW), two very different games. Though a theme rang true among not only my games, but most other people’s, the games had gotten easier and easier over the years, to the point that some titles became hardly fun.


As I reflected on my own choices, I noticed that my main problems with the games was the fact that they had become way to easy. I gave up playing the Pokemon DS series about 5 years ago, because it had gotten to the point I could play through the new games without ever trying. Then when I thought on WoW, which I do still play, I found myself upset with the new player catch-up systems. In simple, the game feels unrewarding because new players can catch up to veteran players, even without very much skill. This leaves the player pool Diluted in terms of skill, and also unrewarding for Veterans because new players will catch up to our hard work very easily. WoW is approaching the point of “Why Bother?” simply because it is as easy to be very casual as it is to be mildly hardcore.


I think that the idea that video games have gotten easier over the past decade is true. Most games now can be picked up by anyone, and completed relatively quickly and without struggle. I personally feel modern video games often lack the feeling of accomplishment that comes with working hard at something, and then finally succeeding,

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2 thoughts on “What Makes a Game Great – Dylan

  1. nscavalieri

    I think it would be beneficial to double check grammar and spelling, but I love the way that you’re really putting your personal beliefs and interests into the post. This really helps build that voice of a blogger.

  2. Jason Ono

    I have played many of the games you have mentioned in this post and I enjoyed recalling the memory with them. To give you some advice on your post, as Nick mentioned, I think you could make your post stronger by checking grammar and spelling more correctly, and simply writing a bit longer posts; we have two weeks to spend for each post, and I am sure you can dig deeper into this topic. Another advice is the structure of this post. You do talk about what you think about the recent trend in video games, but you don’t quite connect that part to your initial query: What Makes a Game Great. By doing this, I think you can make your post more coherent.


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