Hot off the PRESS! – Sabrina

Whether it be through other organizations or through news outlets themselves, being featured through the news and through various platforms is a major accomplishment for The Girl Narrative. I was recently interviewed for a podcast called Nonprofit Jenni, who has thousands of listeners across America. Today, I’ll be talking about what it means to be in the news and why these features are so big for us.


The Girl Narrative was recently featured on the Nonprofit Jenni Show, a podcast streaming through Spotify, Apple Podcast, and many other platforms that talks to CEOs and other Executive Officers around nonprofits, volunteer work, and the nitty-gritty ugly work behind the businesses (Click the link to see more about the Nonprofit Jenni Show).

I have talked previously about how we have been featured on many other organizations pages in my previous blog We’re In a Serious Relationship…Actually a Few, where I talked about how our article about Alana Mayfield was featured on Go Live Girl’s page. However, this new medium for us (podcasts) as introduced The Girl Narrative to an entirely new group of people who maybe prefer to hear articles instead of reading them.

Let me try to put this into perspective. Say, for example, you are a student who is in a deep study of biology. You have been featured on other students and nonprofit pages. Then, after so much of your work, you have been asked to be interviewed by an organization that has thousands of listeners, and this interview will be streamable online. This massive step is exactly what this means for The Girl Narrative; a start to being introduced to new spheres of people and the start of more collaborations.


In this interview, I talked with Jenni about how young people are beginning to be deeply involved with other nonprofits both domestically and internationally, and what other organizations can do to engage this new, driven generation. If you would like to hear my interview, you can look for the Nonprofit Jenni Show on Spotify, Apple Podcast, or on Google Play and look up Season 3 Episode 2: Nontraditional Volunteers You May Have Forgotten About.

When I first heard the interview (I’m not gonna lie)…I cringed. I hated hearing myself speak. I felt as though I was clunky and awkward, and I hated it. But I need to remind myself; I have only just started. I am not a seasoned professional in interviews and oral press releases; I am just starting.

This has been a recurring theme that I have found that I will undoubtedly write about later; I am constantly disappointed in myself as a CEO. I feel as though I am never doing enough for my nonprofit and that all of my nitty-gritty work is not getting me anywhere. But the truth is I could never do enough for my nonprofit. I could always be doing more, being more, and writing more, but because I am a student and a naturally flawed human, I can’t do all of the things that I want to do.

So when I begin to critique myself whether it be through my upcoming news stories either about myself or The Girl Narrative or through my own performance as a CEO, I remind myself to take a deep breathe and be patient; I am not the perfect CEO and I never will be. But I want to keep working to be better because that is what’s important for The Girl Narrative.

Sabrina Schoenborn

CEO & Founder of

The Girl Narrative


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3 thoughts on “Hot off the PRESS! – Sabrina

  1. ninayichenwei

    Congrats on discovering a new medium for introducing your organization to more audience! It is really great progress that you made. I enjoyed reading though your interview process and reflections from this experience. I also encourage you to keep exploring different kinds of media and have confidence in yourself while navigating through self critiques. I am excited to see where you would go next.

  2. Jason Ono

    I am glad that you are expanding your network even further. Your effort and passion on this project has been remarkable and am excited to see where this leads to by the time you graduate Westtown. Do you have plans for taking on more interviews or podcast appearance in the near future? Also, even though it is totally justifiable that you did not feel as though you weren’t able to talk in the way you wanted during the interview, it might still be helpful for you to simply reflect on what you could improve on your interview skills. As a head of the nonprofit, I think you will have more and more opportunities to have interviews and it would definitely help you if you could be comfortable with this.

  3. Nawal N'Garnim

    I have found the work you have been doing to be really interesting and I like reading your blog posts to see how you are growing as a young CEO. You are doing incredible stuff. Do you plan on trying out more podcasts to broaden your exposure? Or do you plan on trying out other projects?


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