Genitourinary Cancer​: NBT-II -Dhillon

NBT-II, Nara Bladder Tumor No. 2, currently our most promising cell line since receiving news that the RT-4 cell line is not a possibility and any other human or primate-derived cell line. NBT-II is a tumor that is derived from the urinary bladder of a male rat. Although it is not RT-4 which is an epithelial bladder cancer cell line derived from a 63-year-old caucasian male and was the initial cell line I was planning on using. One major issue, regardless of the cell line I use, is how I am going to store the cells without liquid nitrogen when I am on breaks. This is because many cell lines require liquid nitrogen as a means of storage over lengthier periods of time (weeks).

As I continue to wait for after Thanksgiving break, there has not been too much to do. I have continued my research on natural products, and have begun reading up on research using the NBT-II cell line. One study analyzed the effects of thermal gradients on the Nara Bladder Tumor No. 2 cell line. Dr. Kim Gelsinger, Joseph Leighton, and Joseph Zealberg led this research and reported on the response of carcinoma cells over the course of multiple weeks. The longest experiment they conducted using a single NBT-II cell line was 4 weeks (drastically shorter than the length I plan on using the cell line). One factor in their research, however, was various temperatures of incubations ranging from temperatures surpassing 42 degrees to as low as 28 degrees.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 9.10.57 PM

(results from the study)
(Geisinger, Kim R, et al. “Appearance of Gian Cells as Morphological Response of Rat Bladder Carcinoma Cell Line to a Continuous Thermal Gradient in Tissue Culture.” Aacr Journals ,

Alongside researching the NBT-II, I have also begun my application for an innovation grant from Westtown school. This grant would help assist me in purchasing and repurchasing the cell line, should I not be able to find a way of storing it. I have already raised $4,000 dollars via GoFundMe, but that money was only factoring in purchasing the cell line once and not multiple times. Now that having to purchase the cell line multiple times is becoming more of a possibility I will need more money in order to conduct my research for the remainder of the year. I am excited for another opportunity to present my research to a group of people in hopes of gaining the grant!

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