An Update / Lyndon B. Johnson Part I – Nawal

Since my last blog post, I have decided to take my independent in a different direction. Two weeks ago, I sat down and watched a documentary on Robert F Kennedy’s life, which is what my last post was summarizing. I watched it for myself to understand who he was so I could later dive into his assassination and the effects of it. While watching it, I found the politics around him intriguing. He grew up in what I would call a comfortable upper middle class family, and throughout his political career, he became increasingly involved in the War on Poverty, and in America’s racial relations, something I would not have expected. While watching the documentary, I realized I wanted to know more, so with some help, I have decided to take my research in a different direction.

I am currently looking at the politics of the War on Poverty in the 1960s, starting with legislation Lyndon B. Johnson passed while in office, and moving towards RFK. In 1968, RFK started to run for president, however he was assassinated that summer before, so we will never truly know what he would have accomplished if he hadn’t died. During his campaign, he ran with a promise of helping out low-income communities, especially those of African Americans. I  plan to look into what RFK was planning to do, ultimately seeing the difference and or similarities between him and LBJ.

LBJ was a democrat who ran for president in 1960, though he lost to RFK’s brother, John F. Kennedy. However, Kennedy appointed him as the Vice President when he was elected. Kennedy had many plans for his presidency, including a Civil Rights bill, which Robert urged him to push to Congress, though Kennedy never followed through with it. When LBJ became president following JFK’s assassination, he began to follow through with a lot of the work Kennedy had never finished.

Lyndon Johnson, Lady Bird Johnson

While LBJ was still the Vice President, he did not feel respected by JFK. He felt as though he was more qualified for the presidency rather than the younger, more popular Kennedy, and felt he was not given responsibilities in the White House which were worth his time. Although he mourned the loss of JFK and saw to it that his death was fully investigated, it is possible he felt a sense of power since he finally had the ability to accomplish everything JFK hadn’t. He had an idea, the Great Society, his program for economic reform in the US. This is what my next blog post will be about. I plan on looking into his Great Society idea and the bills he sent to Congress, which included the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a bill JFK had never finished. Welfare was a major initiative Johnson focused on, which RFK was against. I want to be able to answer the question, was it effective? There are conflicting views of him, which this post describes, showing that he was complicated. Either way, all these pieces will help with molding LBJ and RFK’s separate economic ideologies which is the basis of my project.



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4 thoughts on “An Update / Lyndon B. Johnson Part I – Nawal

  1. Jason Ono

    As someone who has been reading your blog from the first post, it is interesting for me to know that you are making a change in direction on your project. I am looking forward to learning more from your blog.
    I think your posts can become even stronger if you separate your posts into sections, maybe with subtitles. Right now, it is sort of difficult to see the transition from the changes you are making on your research schedule to the historical descriptions of RFK and LBJ.
    Also, have you started considering what your demonstration of learning will be about? If so, how would your biweekly blog posts help you work on it?

    1. Nawal N'Garnim Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll keep it in mind! I plan on talking about my demonstration of learning in my next post.

  2. nscavalieri

    I think that the change in direction is a good choice because this sounds like you are going to be able to spend much more time looking into something with a little bit more substance. I also agree wit Jason about sectioning off your blog a bit to make it feel more approachable and manageable.

  3. ninayichenwei

    Great update on your research process! I enjoyed reading about RFK’s and LBJ’s political journeys and their visions for the U.S. in the 60s. You could consider adding more specificity to your next post. More detailed description of campaigns/programs and pictures would make the posts more engaging! I am also looking forward to learning about how your perception of LBJ changed after researching.


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